5 Tips for Cafe Owners – Beginners Guide to Running a Cafe Smoothly


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Running a cafe isn’t easy. It requires a lot of drive and commitment with the risk of certain failure looming right in the corridors. But not today! Here are 5 Tips you can use to run your Café smoothly.

Many people find it comforting to hang out at the cafe – it’s not home or work, rather it’s somewhere they can go to just relax, connect with other people, and enjoy some downtime.

Running a cafe isn’t easy. It requires a lot of drive and organization, however, when done correctly, it can be equally rewarding.

So, if you are thinking of running a cafe (or if you already own one), we have everything you need to learn and set yourself up for long-term success.

Managing the Rent and Overhead Costs (H2)

Location is the most important aspect of running a cafe.

A large number of your customers need to be the ones who live close to where your cafe should be, with only a few of them being distant travelers.

Find out how much revenue you would be generating if you had your cafe in various neighborhoods of the city, how much you would be spending on rent, and find the perfect cafe spot.

Before signing the lease, check that there is no issue with the price or the landlord. You can even haggle with the landlord to bring the price down. Since you will be paying the rent as long as your cafe business is operating smoothly.

Getting the Right Equipment for Your Cafe (H2)

Buying cafe equipment is a significant part of investing in your cafe.

Be wary, the cafe equipment is not cheap: espresso machines, ice machines, and blenders. You can probably find services that allow you to rent these top-of-the-line equipment or you can simply opt for smaller, cheaper machines and upgrade when needed.

You will also need to buy mugs, trays, and whatnot. Another significant investment is an excellent POS system that keeps your business running smoothly and encourages your customers to make repetitive orders. Using this technology will give customers the chance to order before and receive it once they arrive at the cafe, leaving them highly satisfied.

Let’s not forget: you also need an internet connection to run a smooth POS system and more importantly to provide free WIFI access to all customers. If you need suggestions, you can go for Optimum as it offers excellent speeds for small businesses and Optimum servicio al cliente 24 horas (for Spanish customers).

Hiring Cafe Staff (H2)

Your staff members will be a huge factor in determining the success of your cafe.

They will have direct communication with your customers and they will be responsible for keeping the whole cafe clean.

This is why you need to find baristas, managers, assistant managers, dishwashers, and cashiers who have good experiences. Do invest in their skills so that they can benefit your cafe in the long term.

As a beginner, you won’t be able to provide many benefits to your staff but assure them that with time, you should be able to offer an increase in their pay and benefits.

Lastly, don’t go overboard. Strike a balance between revenue and costs to keep your business profitable.

Figuring Out the Costs of Food/Coffee (H2)

Generally, a cafe finds it easier to generate profits, keeping in mind the 80% markup on coffee.

Many coffee drinkers are willing to pay anything for the convenience of having a coffee made for them. You won’t need to spend more on coffee because coffee beans, various milks, and substitutes require very little cost.

However, if you are serving food, that is a significant investment in inventory. It can lead to an increase in the average order size. For instance, a customer coming by 5 times a week for coffee will occasionally order a muffin every other day can help to bring you profit.

You can partner with a local bakery to sell their pastries at your cafe or you can hire a baker to make savory treats. Whatever route you take, keep an eye on your sales and the food cost.

Take Advantage of the Social Media Marketing (H2)

Social media marketing is the best way for you to get more customers for your cafe.

Instagram and Facebook are the ones you can start with as a small business, but for cafes that have a wider audience, you can explore other social media platforms as well.

Post regularly to showcase your coffee, food items, team, and the atmosphere around the cafe. Reshare user’s social media posts when they visit your cafe. Use relevant hashtags and always tag your location.

You can also post about weekly discounts or promotions on social media, as this is also likely to attract customers to your cafe. Social media is the gateway to reaching a wider audience and letting them know about your cafe, which is why you should fully take advantage of it.

Wrapping Up (H2)

We leave you here and hope that the tips guide you through the preliminary stages and give you some awesome revamp ideas. However, in the end, every situation is unique and complex. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with your own unique ideas.