5 Cost-Effective Ways to Transform your Outdoor Living Space


You might have just moved into your first home and are wondering what to do with the garden, or you’ve had enough of the current design, there are some creative ways that you can transform your backyard, some of which we take a look at in this short article.

  1. Vertical gardens – Also known as green walls, vertical gardens bring lush greenery into any space and there are specialist Australian companies that design and build natural features for residential and commercial space. Start with the dimension of the target wall then add the surroundings; the supplier has a wide range of designs that will suit your setting and they do a fantastic job, seeing each project as a challenge.
  2. Water walls – The sound of running water has a calming influence and with the latest version of stand-alone water walls have LED background lights. The unit can be turned on with the flick of a switch; a small pump sends the water to the top via side pipes and once the unit is installed, you do not need a mains water connection.
  3. Faux timber decking – Forget hardwood, we now have a composite that looks and feels like solid timber, which never needs painting or varnishing. Choose a shaded area, mark the size and excavate soil until you have room for a concrete or timber base. It is a lot easier to drive 4×4 timber posts into the ground to support the deck; this would make a challenging DIY project – watch a few ‘How to build a deck’ videos on YouTube – that might take a weekend to complete. Here are a few things to take into account when building a swimming pool.
  4. Artificial grass – We all love a well-kept lawn, but few of us like the upkeep, cutting the grass, watering and sweeping the leaves; with artificial grass, there’s no need to cut or water and once installed, will provide many years of trouble-free use, they even have pet-friendly varieties. There is an art to installing artificial grass and we don’t recommend a DIY install, rather ask the supplier to work his magic and your new lawn will always look like it has just been laid.
  5. Crazy paving – There’s no limit to how far you can go with crazy paving; some homeowners have crazy paving pathways that intersect, while others opt for a terrace that is crazy paved; you can even do your driveway should you wish. It is relatively easy to install, first dig out the area, fill it with a mixture of sand and dry cement, take the broken pavers and place them about 1 inch apart, this gap is filled with wet cement and there’s no need for a look of uniformity, create your own unique pattern.

The great Aussie summer is only a few months away and this is the right time to start thinking about adding a few features to your garden. Exterior home improvements add value to the property and if you are a DIY-er, you can save money.