Modern And Minimalist Apartment Design For Couples

Creative apartment design for young generation
© Sergey Baskakov – Modern and minimalist apartment design are perfect for couples, especially, the newly married couple. Most of the young couple do not want the design that is too hard. They want to get the ease of residence. The simple features in the modern apartment are very helpful for them.

The newly married couple requires a comfortable dwelling and not too broad. Why? Because it would be very hard to clean the large apartment. We suggest the modern and minimalist design for them. They can take the advantage in the small apartment with the simple features.

The soft color theme would be nice to beautify every space in the small apartment. You can combine between the light and the dark color for the furniture. The small apartment does not match with the lights that are too bright or too dim. Both of them has a different disadvantage. If it too bright, it would be very annoying, and if it too dim it would feel like stuffy.

Sergey Baskakov visualizes the modern and minimalist concept in the small apartment. He describes the pastel color that would influence the room to be more elegant. The features shown here are very soft and smooth. Putting some decoration is also suitable for it.

Light living room decoration
© Sergey Baskakov

Minimalist sofa with Crypton fabric is perfect for your awesome living room. You can add the standing lamp with a tray as a lighting decoration. If you want to make spacious looks, you can add the large frameless mirror. Wooden floor ideas is suitable for applying in the small space.

Wall decoration for teen
© Sergey Baskakov

How to create more space in a small apartment? It would be better if you are combining 2 space in one room. But, if you want to get more privacy, you have to make a simple border.

Bedroom design with blue color
© Sergey Baskakov

Minimalist bedroom design for a small apartment should be the cozy space for rest. You have to make it interesting with the neutral color theme that can make you relax while resting. If you are boring with the old sleeping lamp design, you can change it into the hanging lamp on your bed.

TV display inspriration
© Sergey Baskakov

The soft curtain with the neutral color shades is waving softly. The simple TV display that is not too bright can a be your best solution for saving your space.

Scandinavian dining in a small space ideas
© Sergey Baskakov

Modern and minimalist apartment design is also suitable to combine with the Scandinavian style. For example, you can make a small dining space using the Scandinavian style. Using white color is also great for beautify this minimalist consept.

Modern pendant light ideas
© Sergey Baskakov

The hanging lamp with the unique form, like a flower, or something else would catch everyone’s attention. Applying modern kitchen set is more effective rather that the old kitchen style. That would be hard for a newly married couple.

Minimalist Kitchen Design
© Sergey Baskakov

You can create a small balcony and using the sliding door to access it.

Modern kitchen design
© Sergey Baskakov
Modern and minimalist bathroom design
© Sergey Baskakov

Modern and minimalist apartment design was completed with the bathroom that perfect for young couples. It can be easier for them to tend it.