7 Inspirational Ideas For Dining Room Using White And Wooden Materials

White dining room ideas
© Voima Graphics

Roohome.com – The dining room is not just a place to sit and eat your favorite foods. But the dining room is a place to enjoy our time with family and loved ones. That is a place to establish good communication with family, share a funny story, or just enjoy a cup of tea in the morning. That is why you have to find the design that can blend with your family.

The soft touch of white would create an elegant and bright dining room that can be with you and create quality time. It should be the place that you do not want to leave even if you finished your food. You need one more time to be there because your soul is already blended with the dining atmosphere.

This article would give 7 inspirational dining room ideas that using white color and wooden materials from some famous designer. You can choose which one is the best design according to you. Do not forget to adjust the design of the available space. Do not apply the difficult design in the small space and vice versa.

Artistic dining room with wooden influences
© Juliya Butova

Juliya Butova creates an elegant dining space using white and black color. The black chairs and their delicate a pattern would catch the attention from the people. It contrasts furniture that is very interested. The marble tile floors and the dark wood cabinetry working in harmony.

Cute Scandinavian dining room
© Fajno

The Scandinavian design never get bored! This small space with the funny accents looks so charming and funny. It is perfect for a young couple or family.

White and dark dining room ideas
© Tawfeek Kalagi

The dark brown dining table looks so classic and romantic. It is the combination of the light and the dark side of space. The light decoration that hanging on the ceiling is a great choice to make it nice. If you want to use classic theme, it would be better using the old and vintage furniture.

Elegant white dining room
© Aurélien BRION

All in white! We would like to give you the inspirational dining room ideas by Aurélien BRION that would make you fall in love with this soft dining concept. This room will make you want to linger even if you already finished your food.

Compact dining room design
© Image Box Studio

The contemporary dining room looks so fantastic. Putting some interesting accents would be nice for the room decoration. The designer wants to appear white shades by the floor and the wall painted. The wooden table and chair would make you cozy while eating. The light decoration with the unique hanging lamp completed this room.

Japanese dining room design
© Arthur Carvalho Vieira

Japanese design is also suitable for making comfortable dining space. You can combine the modern with the traditional elements. It would create an awesome space. We all know that Japanese design identic with the wooden materials. So, you are possible to use it in some furniture. The black sliding door would make you feel like life in Japan.

Scandinavian dining room
© Artur Tamiola

The last design comes from  Artur Tamiola looks so soft and simple. You can apply it in your space. The sliding door is also suitable for your dining room. It would give you two advantage, the first is as the access to outdoor space, and the second as the natural lighting source. Hopefully, these inspirational dining room ideas would be your inspiration.