Victorian House Plan | The Ideas Needed To Build Your New House

Victorian House Plans Ideas

There are many styles for a home through all the countries in this world and picking the right choice is sometimes harder than it is supposed to be. To give you an inspiration, here we would like to show you a Victorian house plan with some colors and the interior ideas. But, before we proceed to show you the ideas, it is better that you know what is a Victorian house style.

Definition of Victorian Style

A Victorian style is a home with the design inspired by the era of Queen Victoria in 1837-1901. It’s characterized by its pointy roof, narrow, but tall structures. Most of the Victorian houses were built in a small amount of land and to make up for it, the house is built with more heights so the inhabitants can have enough room to accommodate them.

Victorian House Plan Ideas


Color Ideas

Victorian Exterior Ideas
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Victorian Exterior Ideas 2
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Most of the Victorian houses were colored in such pale colors like pastel, light brown, and light gray. In some cases, there are also some houses use dark and grim color like dark gray and even black.


Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom in Victorian style is characterized with its fancy and classical stuff with the use of big curtain, chandelier, and engraved bedding. See some of the ideas for the bedroom below.

Bedroom Ideas
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Bedroom Ideas 2
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The pictures above showed that a Victorian bedroom is famously characterized by the use of fancy patterned curtains and chandelier.

Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is the aspect that cannot be underestimated when applying this style to your new home. The bathroom still characterized by the use of small chandelier and carpets.

Bathroom Ideas 1
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Bathroom Ideas 2
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Bathroom Ideas 3
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Hallway Ideas

The hallway will be one of the main focus of this style. It is the first place when your guests will see how magnificent the house is. The hallway of Victorian style is characterized by its fancy carpets usage (floor tiles) and chandelier for the lightings.

Hallway Ideas 1
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Hallway Ideas 3
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Hallway Ideas
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Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace is something that becomes one of the main features of this style. It is the place to get warm together with the entire family. This house section thrives for giving its classic and coziness feeling. Below are some ideas you can apply.

Fireplace Ideas
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Fireplace Ideas 2
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Fireplace Ideas 3
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England can be very cold at certain times, so the existence of fireplace room in your house could add the warm feel it needs for the comfort of your family. Not only the fireplace is the place for warming up, but it’s also a perfect place for the family to be together and relaxed even in different seasons in the year.

Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen of Victorian style still emphasizes the use of chandelier to retain its classic Victorian-era feeling. The use of patterned carpet can blend with the rest of the kitchen furniture perfectly. See some of the ideas below.

Kitchen Ideas 1
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Kitchen Ideas 2
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Kitchen Ideas 3
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The ideas above clearly send a message that a chandelier is something that has become a must-have furniture in a Victorian house. Besides the chandelier, the use of wooden tiles as the flooring could give a little bit of chill atmosphere of the Great Britain.

Dining Room Ideas

If the kitchen can be as fancy as it has already shown, the dining room can be even fancier. The kitchen features the feel of royal and fancy. The Victorian style is all out in this room and the lighting is the major aspect here as it can be seen on below.

Dining Room Ideas
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Dining Room Ideas 2
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Dining Room Ideas 3
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As you can see from some of the ideas, the lightings are what make the dining room gets the feel of royal and fancy. The flooring is decorated with carpets in such beautiful flowery pattern.