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modern dining room design

If we talk about the dining room, it will make our stomach hungry because that is the place where we gather with our family to eat together. Also, there are some people who design their own dining room to look beautiful than ever. Believe it or not, it will increase our appetite. For that sole reason, we give all the reader about outstanding modern dining room design. We choose the best design which you can apply right away to your room. This is the right time to change your old dining room into the new one.

white dining room
© home designing

The first design is the simple dining room. Even though it is quite simple it can show the beautifulness when we eat with our family. The first thing which makes this room appealing because of the white rug with a unique design. We are sure the first thing you see in this design is the rug itself. The large table uses a wooden accent as the finishing touch to the room. There are six chairs. From the design of it, the chair is quite comfortable. We can also see a unique ceiling light.

chinese dining room
© lgilab

As for the next design, you might think this one will suitable with Chinese people because of the Chinese words on the wall. Unfortunately, it is not entirely true. All people can design their own dining room like this. The first one we notice is the chair which has a hole in it. This is one of the outstanding chairs we ever see. For the last touch, the designer put a big white flower on the table.

outstanding living room
© home design lover

A dining room which uses a Scandinavian design. All of the design use white color to show the cleanliness of a dining room. What makes this room amazing without a doubt we can see the outside view when eating. This is one of the rare chance in our life. Do not forget about the unique ceiling light which has a cover on it. As for the chair, it really supports the Scandinavian design. It uses black color and blends it with white color. To make it more complete, we have a horse image on the wall as the decoration.

elegant dining room design
© ben yu

Mostly, people will think it is quite dangerous if we have this kind of dining room. It is all because of the ceiling light attaches to many big bulbs. Do not think like that, it is a decoration to make the room colorful when eating. The chair also comes with a different color to show the unique feel of the room. There are three candles which ready to help us when the electricity off. The flooring uses a brick wooden accent. To make it more perfect, the white rug will support the design. The sliding wooden door also really outstanding to see.

historic dining room
© drarchitects

We can feel the architectural concept from the dining room itself. It is like we have a dining room from historic era. We are sure all people already know what makes this one looks outstanding. Also, we cannot forget the black rug below the table. It can show the unique feel of the room. Like always, we can find a ceiling light attaches above the table in order to brighten the room. Last but not least, we can also see a unique candle on the table.

wallpaper dining room
© home design lover

Place a wallpaper in the dining room is really something. Certainly, not all people ever think it is possible to place it like that. They will think it will make the room looks weird. Unfortunately, we can see for ourselves, it is not that bad. Actually, it becomes really great to see. Also, for the ceiling light, we can see it is attached to a golden chain. For the finishing, the designer put a flower on the table.The room not only looks great but also elegant.

dining room with a sofa
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The last modern dining room design. If we usually use a simple chair in the room. But it already changes with big sofa. It will show the modern feel around the room. We think this is a great idea to change chair with a sofa. Everyone can relax while they eat in the room. The brick wall design also really good along with the silver rug.


After we see the outstanding design, this is our chance to redesign the dining room to looks awesome than before. We are sure all of you who already see it feel the same way like us. Do not forget to visit Roohome for more information about the home design.

Feel free to see another dining room design. We give you the concept along with great ideas.