Top Three Open Plan Living Room Interior Designs Which Show an Awful Scenery and Impression

open plan living room interior designs
© Kapran Design – Do you have a limited space in living room and dining room? Do you confuse how to design it? Therefore, you may see open plan living room interior designs here with the best decoration and design also. This room shows an awful scenery and impression around it. It also has been arranged with luxury and chic decor ideas. Scroll down your button and let’s find out the best decor that very appropriates to your design. You will get a new inspiration to renovation your place with an open plan living room decor ideas which present a beauty impression in it. There are many designers which combine some design into a perfect and outstanding view. Let’s take a look below!

Sophisticated Open Plan Living Room With Beautiful Lighting

Create your living room with a perfect design such apply a sophisticated decoration that can make this room looks awesome. With an open plan concept design, this will make your room looks so spacious and wide. Therefore, the designer has planning to create a sophisticated open plan living room for you who have a limited space at your residence. This design has been created with a beautiful lighting as the main center decor. This will bring out an awful scenery to your design. By combining with wooden plank design, it can make this open plan living room decor ideas more perfect. Choose a suitable and comfortable furniture to make this design harmonious. Adjust a compatible color that can support this concept design.

brown-and-yellow-living-room-theme Sam Habbaba
© Sam Habbaba
chic open plan living room
© Sam Habbaba
sophisticated open plan living room
© Studio Espace

Modern and Chic Open Plan Living Room Decor With Wooden Accent

Move to the next open plan living room interior designs here, this design looks so chic and charming. By using a modern and beautiful decoration around this room, it can support your concept design ideas. For that, this modern and chic open plan living room decor below may inspire you to renovate your home. To make it more stylish, he uses a wooden accent for the combination decor that can apply for the flooring material or wall texture design. Adjust a beautiful lighting to beautify this living room, besides that it also will make this room more perfect and awesome. With modern types of furniture and features inside, it can bring out a fashionable impression to your design.

modern open plan living room
© Tu Nguyen Hoang
open plan interior designs
© Phan Nguyen

Minimalist Open Plan Living Room With an Industrial Lighting

Then, if you want to make your living room and dining room looks outstanding and different, you may choose a minimalist style layout for this design. If you like something unique and interesting, this is the right choice that you can follow. Why? because the designers apply an industrial theme design to combine in this design. They apply for the industrial lighting to bring out a fashionable and stylish impression to the open plan living room decor ideas here. One of the design is a minimalist open plan living room which looks so simple but it can show a modern and outstanding view inside. Adjust a beautiful color scheme to make this design looks adorable.

simple minimalist open plan decor
© Stanislav Borozdinskiy
minimalist open plan living room
© Vic Nguyen
Open plan living room layout
© Stanislav Borozdinskiy

Which open plan living room interior designs that you like? Let’s follow the step how to decor it and apply it to your guest room right now! Make it looks awesome and present an awful scenery and impression. Good luck 🙂