5 Simple Boy Bedroom Ideas to Apply (Cheap Cost & Wonderful)

Cool Boy Bedroom

Do you have a son that you want to give something new for their bedroom? You may check simple boy bedroom ideas which are easy to apply. We can assure that you would love the design that we have picked as it would be cheap and wonderful.

Here is the first show off about boy bedroom design ideas, this design uses blue color as the dominant one. Then, the bed cover also uses stripped motives blended with various color to make more living. Besides that, the fur carpet also creates a great aesthetic view. One more thing we can add to the design above. We could use ceiling lamp to make it more bright so the color would be more living.

The design above would be suitable for child below 6 years old. This is gonna be a great design to be applied since it looks adorable and they should love the teddy bear doll and also the wall accessories. There are also really unique sofas which look like a ball. Your children would really enjoy while sitting there. This design is really perfect and you can apply it right away.

Do your son love a sporty stuff? You may need to check this one and it looks so sporty and this can bring lots of passion to your son in order to grow their desire in the sports field. This design would be really easy to apply it would be a low-cost design to be applied.

Do not you think that Star Wars is really great? From our perception, most children love this one since they are the best public figure with many cool actions in the movie. The poster on the wall really makes this room looks great and the bookshelf selection are also great where it is simple to apply. After that, we can add study table and also a wooden wardrobe.

Now, this one is the latest and it would be a masterpiece of all. This design looks so simple and minimalist. The color selection of furniture, flooring and wall color are really melted together into one form. Then, the wall accessories also make it looks more interesting. You may use this bedroom design idea for your boy and it would be easy to apply.