Home Security Improvement with Smart Gadgets


What do we normally go for when it comes to home security? Alarm systems, surveillance cameras, wired fences and lights around the yard. Keeping your home secure doesn’t always mean from intruders, but the overall safety of your home including potential fires.

There is a way Smart gadgets can help with the overall home security of your home. Smart gadgets are commonly known for automating homes and for their energy efficiency, but what we don’t realize is that their remote control and wireless access make them the perfect devices to keep your home safe.

Here are some smart gadgets and how they can help with home security.

1. Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are like the upgraded, smart versions of video intercoms. So why are they great for home security? Well, not only do you get to see who’s at your door when the bell rings, but with smart video doorbells, you can answer to door from practically wherever you are, and that is because these devices feature their own mobile apps that allow for this remote and wireless access. Their cameras give you a full head-to-toe, wide-angle view of whoever is outside, and you can also receive alerts whenever someone’s outside even if they haven’t rung the bell.

Although video doorbells without subscription tend to have fewer features, but they are still well enough to serve for home security measures. With subscriptions you can unlock features like facial recognition, Cloud video storage, etc.

2. Smart Cameras

Much like all smart devices, the greatest aspect of smart cameras is that the video feed is accessible from mobile apps that are downloadable onto smartphones, tablets and laptops. You could be at work, in the kitchen, or even in another city, but you can watch over your home anytime and from practically anywhere.

Smart cameras feature two-way audio that makes it easier for you to communicate with whoever is at the other end. They also send in alerts to your mobile devices when any movement is detected while you’re away – so get real-time notifications with a video snapshot of what you probably missed out on.

These cameras have a video feed in HD quality, with excellent, colored night vision for you to see clearly what’s going on even if there is low light or if it’s completely dark. They are available to be installed indoors and outdoors, with wired as well as wireless, battery-operated ones that can easily be placed anywhere you like. It’s perfect for hiding it on the shelf to keep an eye out for getting to the bottom of whoever has been secretly eating your stash of cookies.

3. Smart Smoke Detectors

Part of making your home a secure place means to have the right protective gear in place – and that includes smoke detectors. A very crucial part of the average American household is a smoke detector, a device we usually don’t pay much attention to until the occasional battery change beeping.

Smart smoke detectors have the capability of detecting smoke whether almost unnoticeable or a flame, as well as poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. If wired, all smoke detectors begin to sound the alarm, and with smart ones, it guides you to where exactly a potential threat has been detected. Get alerts on your smartphones, and turn off false alarms easily.

4. Smart Door Lock

Door locks are meant to keep our homes secure, but keys can be duplicated, stolen, lost and locks can be picked by those that have mastered the art. Smart door locks make your locks keyless and tamperproof. That essentially erases any attempt of break-ins.

Create personalized passcodes to unlock your smart door lock, or unlock using your smartphone – whatever you choose. With these you don’t have to entrust anybody with the keys to your home again if you don’t want to – unlock the door for anybody you wish to, from wherever you are. Get notifications whenever your smart door lock is unlocked, and set auto-lock schedules for the doors to lock automatically right after they close.

With the mobile app there is a lot that you can do; like even checking your lock status, and locking the door while you’re on your way to work if you had previously forgotten to.