Luxe Mirrors 5 Favourite Premium Bathroom Mirrors


The bathroom is the one of the most popular and busy rooms of any home. This is in part because of its practicality, it is after all, where we do the majority of our grooming. But it’s also because bathrooms have evolved from being a functional room to being a mini oasis, an escape in our own homes where we can relax and let the world pass us by for a while.

So with aesthetics and design having just as much importance as functionality and practicality, you can see how finding the right bathroom mirror on Luvo Store for this room can be somewhat a challenge.  Have no though, the team at Luxe Mirrors have put together a list of their 5 favourite premium mirrors.  Ones that are not only built to endure the elements of the bathroom, with moisture and corrosion resistant materials, but they look good at the same time.

Round single door cabinet

(Available in one size – (Mirror) 60cm Diameter, (Cabinet) 40cm Width x 40cm Height)

Let’s start with something simple.  While looks can be deceiving.  With a minimalist round design, this mirror will not only capture the attention of people with it’s soft simple shape, but it’s simple, clean lines allow this mirror to blend into any bathroom space.

The mirrored door conceals a storage cabinet made from laminated moisture resistant particle board.  The cabinet features an adjustable shelf to make it versatile, and it adds to that extra storage we’re always looking for in a mirror.

When space isn’t on your side, something functional that serves double duty like the round single door cabinet mirror is the way to go.

Madrid Bathroom Mirror Range

(Available in one size – 50cm x 75cm)

(Available in two sizes – 60cm x 25mm Depth & 80cm x 25mm D)

The Madrid Mirror range comes in either a curved cornered rectangular shape, or in a round one. While they are simple shapes, the curves can aid in softening the feel of a modern sharp featured bathroom.  And with a bold matte black powder coated steel frame, this range is sure to grab the eye of any user of your bathroom.

Made from corrosion and moisture resistant copper free glass, the mirror is not only made to last, but to work in any space (not just the bathroom). We love this range for the bathroom though because it’s simple, yet bold lines can be used to accentuate darker coloured tapware, and tie into a theme.  The black frame can also work in any space, because black is always in fashion.

Signature bathroom mirror range

If you’re looking for a simple design that can work in any space, the Signature bathroom mirror range might be for you.  With a focus on minimalistic aesthetics, this range is made to make a statement without overwhelming a space.  It will let its clean edges and high quality materials do the talking.

Made from Veridian silver and copper free glass, the mirrors in this range are only 6mm in depth, and will endure the harsh climate of the bathroom space.  And they will do it in style. Available in a few different styles, let’s have a look.

1. Signature Tyler Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror

(Available in multiple sizes: 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H, 60cm W x 60cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H & 75cm W x 75cm H)

We thought we would start with the Signature Type Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror because this one is a true classic.  A traditional mirror.  And while the design and shape may be simple, it is popular for a reason.  Not only will it work in any space, but a large rectangular mirror can also capture more with it’s wide visual range, and is able to enhance the light of your space. In addition to this, it can be placed on your wall either vertically or horizontally.

2.Signature Tyler Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror

(Available in the following sizes: 40cm (Diameter), 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 90cm)

The clean cut feel of this mirror is undeniably modern and eye-catching.  Round mirrors have an ability to draw the eye and this one is no exception.  It’s clean lines let it work in any space, and the craftsmanship used in this frameless polished edge mirror makes it appealing to everyone.

3. Signature Susan Polished Bevel Edge bathroom Mirror

(Available in the following sizes: 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H, 75cm W x 75cm H, 60cm W x 90cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H)

For a spin on the traditional rectangular shaped mirror, this bevel edged option is one way to add a little opulence to your bathroom space.  The beauty of a bevelled edge is that it can add this elegance without having to commit to a frame design or colour, it’s essentially a frame without a frame.

Milan Mirror Range

It’s hard to beat a black framed mirror.  Like we said before, black is classic.  It can work with any other colour, any décor, and can tie all elements together.  That’s exactly why the Milan range of mirrors is so popular.  They can be the star of the show, or the binding agent.

The Milan range comes in several different shapes, each using that clean simple black frame to complete it’s look. The frame is made from powder coated steel to ensure it can endure the ever changing temperatures of the bathroom, and the mirror is made from copper free glass.

1. Milan Rectangle Metal Black Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in one size – 75cm x 90cm)

Starting off with the true classic bathroom mirror – the rectangle shape.  This one is a simple addition to any space and can tie into any theme.  Being the star or the background player, it doesn’t matter, because this one is versatile.

With a traditional shape and traditional colour, this one is particularly at home in a modern bathroom, complimenting the sharp edges of this space.

2. Milan Curved Corner Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 50cm x 75cm & 150cm x 50cm)

The traditional rectangle with a twist.  Curved corners soften this traditional shape – dabbling in both the rectangular and round worlds, this mirror gets the attention the round mirrors always capture, and the practicality of a rectangular mirror with the wide visual scope. It really is the best of both worlds. The classic frame will make sure that it stays in style, while the slightly unusual shape gives it a modern edge.

3. Milan Round Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 60cm Diameter & 90cm D)

Soften up those modern bathrooms with a round mirror that is still at home in this space.  The black frame ups the ante on this style, by hardening up a traditionally soft shape. And drawing the eye to actually notice the mirror, not just their reflection. The black frame of this mirror also keeps it in this modern realm, ensuring that it will last a long time, both because of the high quality materials used to make it and in style.

Rear Soft Glow Premium Bathroom Mirror Range

The bathroom is one of the rooms we need light in the most, but unfortunately, it’s usually the first one to be lacking in it.  Luckily for us, that’s where the future, technology and the Rear Soft Glow Premium Bathroom Mirror range comes in.

Fitted with low energy LED lights on the back of the mirror unit, these lights emit a glow around the mirror, not only adding some much-needed brightness to a space, but creating an ambience that can induce a feeling of relaxation. This soft glow usually has a somewhat halo effect that truly enhances the mirror, making it the focal point of the space.

The beauty of these mirrors is that if you are short on space, they can act as the source of light in the bathroom, meaning you can save on the space lighting features may take up.

1. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 120cm Width x 80cm Height & 90cm W x 75cm H)

A rectangular mirror is a good way to dip a toe into this futuristic style.  With a traditional shape that can capture a wide scope, a backlit rectangular mirror not only works in any space, but adds a touch of modernity. Able to be used vertically or horizontally, this simple design blends with any decor, but also be the focal point with the lighting element.

2. Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror

(Available in one size – 120cm Width x 80cm Height)

Available in a curved corner rectangular shape, this style can soften up a modern bathroom, while still being at home in the space.  The clean cut lines, and addition of the lighting adds those futuristic elements we mentioned before, while the shape being a soft rectangle holds onto that traditional feel.

3. Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror

(Available in one size – 50cm Width x 100cm Height)

To really make your mirror stand out and try something  pretty different, we have the Rear Soft Glow Oval shaped mirror.  A mix of rectangular and round, the oval has that practicality of a rectangular mirror – the wide visual scope, while the roundness draws the eye and captures the attention in a way that only round mirrors can.

While it is a step away from traditional shapes, it’s not so unusual that it won’t work in any space.

4. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Round Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 90cm Diameter & 60cm Diameter)

And here we come full circle – to the round mirror in this range.  Possibly the most popular shape in this style, a round backlit mirror creates true relaxation.  With a halo-like glow produced by the lighting, the mirror is not only extremely functionally, it is very aesthetically pleasing.  Used as a light source, a light enhancer or just as a night light, and with multiple light setting options, it’s hard to look past this style.

Luxe Mirrors has a huge range of bathroom mirrors available to purchase online.  While it can be an overwhelming task, the team is always available to discuss your options and help you find a mirror that suits your needs. And if you’re looking for some more tips on how to pick out a bathroom mirror, why not read this guide on choosing a bathroom mirror the team has put together to help you out!