Backyard Renovation: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Jumping into It


Perhaps your eyes have become sore watching the same backyard for years. Or, you may have looked at some great backyard makeover designs in a lifestyle magazine and are set on getting the new look. Regardless of the reason though, you know that a backyard renovation will multiply your property’s value.

Moreover, a beautiful backyard plays a critical role in inviting you to sit out and enjoy some fresh air. After all, nobody wants to sip green tea in a yard that’s a lost cause. So, before further ado, you should start planning your new landscaping project.

Here are seven tips to help you with remodeling your backyard:

  1. Start with setting up a backyard renovation budget

Before you dive into the remodeling work, it is crucial to chalk out a budget first. Assess your needs to figure out what you want. This will help you better understand the costs. Essentially, the work that needs to be done on your backyard determines your budget. If your backyard upgrade entails a few tasks, you would not need to invest a large sum or vice versa.

US homeowners invest an average of $10,646 in their landscape or patio projects. The average low-end and high-end for such projects amount to $12,624 and $31,152, respectively. The average price for mid-range spending stands at $8,349.

You will be able to have a clear picture of the investment needs once you are sure about what backyard conditioning you require. You can get quotes from numerous companies like Terra Nova Landscaping to see which service syncs with your budget.

2. Consider the space

This works hand in hand with crafting a budget. The fundamental step to having a realistic budget is knowing what you want as part of your backyard remodeling. To this end, visualize the space that you have on your property and how you would design it.

For instance, you might want a shady lounging section, cooking area, play area, or dining space. You need to clearly define and set your requirements likewise. Make sure to give this tip as much time as you can. There is no going back once you’ve made your choice. Also, this is one of the fundamental things that your landscape designer would ask, so make sure that you’ve given it a good thought.

3. Create rooms as part of your backyard remodeling

It is challenging to redesign backyards as these are open spaces, which are hard to decorate. Such open spaces typically don’t have any physical walls beside the fence so designing them gets tricky.

Concerning this, a good tip is to draw rooms in the space. You can start off with mentally envisioning the divisions in the remodeled backyard. Of course, you are not expected to form brick walls to separate spaces in your yard. However, you can seek help from planters, stone walls, plants beds, and the like to divide the area. These will help serve as partial walls too.

Once the blueprint is ready in your mind, you can sketch it out on a paper. If you are not comfortable with a mental layout, then you can always start with mapping out your plans on paper.

4. Plan a garden path

When it comes to remodeling yards, curved paths always make for a good choice relative to straight paths. So, while you are working on your backyard renovation, consider adding a meandering path, which exhibits a polished look.

What’s more is that curved paths add character and appeal to the space. Since the curved edge in the pathway is permanent, it will end up boosting the look throughout the year. Matt Blashaw, one of the hosts of Yard Crashers, aired on DIY Network suggests using quarter-inch crushed rocks. These come in a broad array of colors.


  1. Give artificial grass a shot

Maintaining a grass bed can be tough with all the regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and more. The grass care regime is elaborate, and it requires both your time and effort. However, if you feel that lawn care is no longer your cup of tea, then artificial tufts might be a feasible option for you.

It is a durable option that provides you with a green bed all year round. It tolerates both a shady environment as well as a sunny afternoon. Furthermore, you can use artificial grass for not only faking a lawn but also decorating play areas, rooftops, pool surrounds, and more. You can also add it for beautifying the borders that run between the patio.

The only thing is that the upfront cost of artificial grass can be expensive. Keep a range of $5 to $20 per installed square foot in your mind. But, you can easily recoup the invested amount overtime from the money you save in water and lawn maintenance costs. Additionally, you will be able to save around 150 annual hours that an average homeowner spends in lawn care chores.

6. Consider enlarging the patio as part of your backyard makeover

According to Maureen Gilmer, a landscape designer, “To err is human, but it is better to do so on the side of overly large than too small.” Therefore, you should consider resizing your patio as part of reconditioning your yard. In fact, all your renovation plans can only see the light of the day if the patio is big enough to accommodate them.

A large patio provides more space for walking and can hold more furniture too. This job can be executed both professionally, or you can dedicate a DIY weekend to patio resizing. You have the option to pour concrete as part of the extension but that can be costly. Alternatively, you can try patio pavers that are simple to install, and don’t require a contractor as well.


7. Add color where it will be visible

The last tip is to add colorful flower pots at places where they can be seen the most. Besides adding color to your backyard, potted plants are easy to maintain and are mobile. These are easy to rearrange as per your heart’s desire.

You can also pick plants that are native to the region you reside in. Since these plants grow best in your zone, they won’t need much upkeep. And, they are good at thriving. These factors take down the pruning prices.

Don’t forget to spruce up your backyard with a variety of plants. This means that different plants will bloom at varying times, which means you have a colorful collection for the entire year. If you stick with flowers that bloom all at once, then the attraction will only last for a particular time frame. The rest of the year will, however, lack color.

Wrap up thoughts

Backyard renovation is not a tough cookie to crack, specifically, if you have the right blueprint ready in advance. Be clear about what you want in your yard and make a budget accordingly. Make sure that the size of your patio supports your dream backyard. If not, then consider enlarging it. Also, add potted plants of a variety to add color to your yard. Try artificial tufts if lawn care is too much to handle.