Decorating Tips For Quick Home Cleaning


Everyone wants to have a really good looking home. There is simply no question about that, but we also want really clean homes. Sometimes there can be a bit of a challenge to design and decorate a home that is really comfortable, stylish, and easy to clean at the same time. We want to help your home be sleek, elegant, good-looking, and easy to clean too. Make a schedule with House Cleaning DC to keep the things simpler and they do a marvelous job. Let’s get to it and look at some design decorating tips for quick home cleaning.

The Decoration Materials

One of the best tips we can give you in order to create a stylish and easy to clean home is to choose the right materials for your decorations, furniture, and other things of that sort. What we mean to say is that some things are easier to clean than others. You might think that all good looking furniture and decorative items are hard to clean, but that is not really the case.

Many people don’t like to have a lot of glass in their homes because it gets covered in streaks and does need cleaning on a regular basis. However, we think that any hard materials like glass, wood, and sleek metals are great. They are much easier to clean than fabrics.

In other words, a picture with a glass frame or some other solid decoration is going to be much easier to clean than that hanging wall rug your grandmother gave you. Having to clean fabrics and soft materials creates problems real fast.


When it comes to your furniture, specially the stuff you sit on, finding easy to clean seating arrangements is not really that hard. In terms of sofas and couches, we would recommend sticking to a smooth material like leather. Sofas upholstered with materials soft materials get stinky, they stain easily, and they can be difficult to clean. We know that leather sofas are a bit pricey, but they can be easily wiped down, staining them is almost impossible, and they won’t start to smell bad either.

Now, when it comes to other seats, such as kitchen chairs, we would recommend going with hard materials. Wood, leather, and plastic are all easy to clean. We would not recommend going with anything that is upholstered, especially when it comes to being around food. Remember folks, designing a home that is both stylish and easy to clean is very doable to say the least.


Now, for your floors, anything like tile, slate, and hardwood is absolutely fantastic. They can be mopped or just wiped down real fast and they look excellent too. Yes, you might want to have a few rugs and carpets, but you might want to limit them. They do look nice, but carpets are notoriously hard to clean. If you want carpeting, at least don’t get any thick shag or deep pile carpets. The thicker the carpets are, the harder they are to clean.

This is especially true if you have pets or people with long hair. On a side not, if you have people with long hair and pets in your home, you might want to take a look at this article about the best vacuums for long hair. That being said, you can always get a couple of nice floor mats for the entrances of your home. They will stop you, your kids, and your pets from dragging dirt all over those nice floors of yours.


Creating a home that is easy to clean but also very good looking does not have to be a challenge. With the simple tips above, you can accomplish this with ease.