Facts to Know about House Fires and Fire Safety


There are thousands of house fires in the US every year. They cost billions of dollars each year and cause thousands of injuries and deaths. There are different causes of fires, but the majority of damage and injuries can be attributed to the panic and inexperience of people who experience the fire.

That’s why it is important to learn more about fires and fire safety. Nobody wants or expects a fire to happen in their home. However, if you are prepared and trained to respond in the right way, you have a better chance of getting through the ordeal unharmed and with minimal damage to your property.

Experts at Red Truck Fire & Safety Co. share some of the most important insights into fires.

The Fire Triangle

The first thing you should know about fire is that it needs three elements in order to propagate. The first element is the heat which is generated by burning the fuel, which is the second element that the fire needs. Fuel can be just about any flammable material, including natural gas, gasoline, wood, cloth, etc. The third element is oxygen. Oxygen is required for the chemical reaction of burning.

Fires Are Fast

These three elements work together to create and sustain fire. Your house has plenty of each of these elements, which means that fire can spread easily and quickly. A lot of people who have experienced fires in their homes said that they were surprised just how quickly things got out of hand.

Fire Is Not the Only Danger

If you experience a house fire, you may be afraid of the open flame, and rightly so. However, that is not the only aspect of a house fire which should concern you. Long before the fire is able to reach you and touch you, the heat which it produces can cause major burns.

What’s more, the smoke is probably the worst aspect of the whole thing. Smoke is filled with noxious chemicals and dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide and dioxide. The smoke kills and injures more people than the actual fire in these situations.

Know Your Fire Safety

All residential buildings and especially commercial ones need to have fire safety equipment and a fire safety plan. Get to know that plan and memorize it, you may need it if you have to evacuate.

When it comes to fire safety equipment, more often than not, it is fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use, and with a bit of fire safety training from one of the certified fire extinguisher companies, you should be able to master it.

If your building has a sprinklers system, make sure that it is up to date (they need to be inspected at different intervals) according to your local fire safety authority.

Fire Safety At Home

If you live in a house and not a residential building, you can still implement parts of the previous tip. A lot of people actually have a fire extinguisher in their homes. Just make sure that you have the right type of fire extinguisher, and you might be able to contain smaller fires.

However, if the situation gets out of hand, evacuate immediately and contact the fire department.

Keeping your house safe from fires can be as easy as remembering to install and maintain the smoke detectors. Most smoke detectors have a replaceable battery which you may need to change every once in a while.

A lot of people don’t think much about fire safety at all. However, fires can happen to anyone, even if it is not your fault. However, being prepared for a case of emergency is never a bad idea.