12 Ways to Organize Your Messy Apartment


Scrolling through all the minimalistic clean apartments on Pinterest and wishing if your one was like that? That’s a fantasy of every messy liver.

Whether you think you can do it, or not, the way to get out of your messy cycle is to start. Watching all the nice photos won’t do you any good in you don’t take initiative.

Jump into shaping your apartment look clean with all these steps and make your life easier than ever.

1. Take Pictures of Every Corner of Your Apartment

Taking pictures of your apartment will help you not only to understand what is going wrong but also get you a clear idea of what you need to do. That picture can help you in multiple ways.

Firstly make a list of what to do and plan how to do it. Give yourself a vision of how your apartment would look after tidying up. These pictures are going to provide you help in all the upcoming steps.

2. Make Cleaning Your Habit

Don’t force cleaning into your routine. Make it a regular habit. Keep the heavy cleaning to 2-3 times a year and use the rest of the days to maintain it.

Pratice cleaning day by day in your free times. Also, reward yourself with your favorite thing after a span of cleaning and progress. Invite guests over your house.

Compare your previous messy room picture with clean room picture. All these do-ups will keep you motivated to make cleaning a habit.

3. Set Cleaning Goals

You cannot just start cleaning everything haphazardly. No need to rush and everything in one day. Take your time. The list that you made earlier will be a huge help. Take 1-3 tasks from there every day.

To make it more interesting, you can attempt an alternative way. Take a Mason jar and input all the works you have in that on little chits. Pull out any 3 from there every day and get those stuff done.

4. Sort Your Books

Books or study materials or office materials are something that could make your apartment tremendously messy.

The main reason behind getting messy is not having proper organization plan or space. Keep a spacious bookshelf in your apartment and also a few shelves attached with your wall in rooms. Arrange your books according to their colors or sizes on the shelf.

After arranging the shelf, every time you’re done reading a book, place it in the right place. The task will become easier when you will be finding spaces closer to you to put the book on.

If you feel lazy to put the book on the big shelf, then just leave it on the small attached shelves to your wall. Practice it for a few times and you will get habituated to it.

5. Make Storage Containers and Labels

If you are a makeup freak, then your room is going to be scattered with makeup pieces. If you are a musician, your room is going to be scattered with instruments. On the other hand, if you have kids, their playing toys are all over the places.

An easy solution for any of these is to have container storage boxes for each item. You can either buy these boxes at very low cost or make DIY boxes at home. Use shoe boxes and decorate it a bit. Later label all these boxes with names which container includes what.

Teach your kids what boxes contain what and they will simply store their toys in the right place after finishing their playing. You might have to do a bit of hard work while making the boxes and arranging them.

6. Make Your Bed Just After Waking Up

The habit of making your bed every day after you wake up is a really good practice. Seeing your bed made up all day is just a peaceful feeling.

To step out of being a messy person, this is a must habit to practice. Don’t skip making your bed even for one day. That’s the startup of living an unsullied life.

7. Eliminate Clutter

Make a practice of never buying unnecessary things you won’t use later. Give yourself a day or two to search all the unnecessary things and get rid of those.

Your apartment will automatically look fresh again after decluttering things. It doesn’t mean only clothes. It could also be some show-furniture or stools that never come of your use.

8. Pets Corner

Living with pets in an apartment could get really messy sometimes. Even though they live among us, still they deserve their tiny, little private corner.

Spare a space at your apartment for your pet. Keep your pet’s bed there and a little rack or few containers for their cute playing toys, medicines, foods etc.

Don’t forget another most important thing is to regularly vacuum clean the mess and hair your pet leaves behind.

9. Don’t Stack Clothes 

There are plenty of ways to avoid the habit of stacking clothes. You just need to be clever and think how to eliminate this problem.

Take a deep look in your closet. Make different sections for different clothes. Regular use clothes should be at the front and less used and party or formal clothes should be at back.

It’s best to always fold and properly place your clothes just after you wash and dry them.

10. Enjoy Cleaning

How about enjoying your cleaning with some beats of music? Make a playlist of fixed minutes filled with all your favorite songs and start cleaning with that. This will definitely boost you up.

You can also talk to your friend, play your favorite movie or listen to an e-book or podcast while you clean.. Motivational speeches and Ted talk also work wonders.

Don’t see that as a chore. Cleaning isn’t that bad so enjoy your work and have fun.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning hard work but with a smart organization, you can make it fun and easy. Give some time to think how you can sort all the mess.

Once you start doing the basic cleaning, you will eventually get used to that. Remember, it’s only a matter of practice.