Top 8 Hacks in Making Your Small Bathroom Look Spacious


Do you have a bathroom that you want to renovate either for family use or primarily for guest use? Do you think that it is too small, but you do not have ample space to expand it? Well, you can at least try making it look bigger than its actual size.

If you cannot expand your bathroom any further, you can optimize the available space. You can use various bathroom solutions to achieve this.

You can use the concepts of perspective, proportion, angle, light manipulation, and the placement of objects.

Below are some tricks that you can use in redesigning your bathroom:

1. Use large mirrors

Making your bathroom look more spacious is not very different from applying some principles of stage magic. For instance, you can use mirrors to make the bathroom appear to be double in size. However, unlike stage magic, the illusion will be kept permanent.

Use large mirrors for the walls and ceiling. You do not necessarily have to install mirrors on all the walls but may only need to install one big mirror on one of the bathroom walls.

2. Color it all white

White is technically a non-color but, at the same time, a combination of all colors as far as light is concerned. A white pigment reflects all colors of the visible spectrum. Having your bathroom done in pure white will not only make it brighter but also seem bigger.

Bathrooms typically already have white objects in them like the sink, bathtub, and toilet bowl. Using white will create a seamless look, making the bathroom seem light and airy.

3. Use large patterns for the walls and floor

Using large-scale patterns like stripes and geometrical shapes for the walls and floors can create the illusion of deeper spatial perspective. You may experiment on this to create your own design.

4. Brighten up the bathroom

Use several bright lighting fixtures like LED panel lights for the ceiling.

The idea is to make the bathroom brightly-lit. This is particularly important if you do not have windows for the bathroom. If no natural light is coming in, the bathroom can feel a bit restricting; installing just enough bright lights will make it feel more welcoming.

5. Install a corner sink

Instead of putting the sink across the shower, you should put it in the corner across the toilet. This will free up the center space from obstructions and make the shower door less awkward to open.

6. Use a shower curtain instead of a door

You can save more space if you use a shower curtain instead of a shower door. It is also more cost-effective. Glass or plastic shower doors are definitely more expensive than shower curtains. A shower curtain is also ideally combined with a shower bathtub. This way, you can easily reposition the bathtub to an ideal area of the bathroom.

7. Install a floating vanity

You can free up more floor space if you implement a floating vanity design. You can put some essential items underneath the vanity, or it can also allow your feet to have more room when you are brushing your teeth in front of the mirror. The extra space underneath will make the floor area look larger as well.

8. Have a counter around the toilet

If you really have a very tight space, you can be more minimalist in the design but still very functional. You may install a counter around the toilet, extending to the sink just beside it.

This will provide you the needed surface for toiletries like shampoo bottles, or even to put a few decorative pieces such as potted plants or a vase of flowers.

Putting it all together

You may research and experiment on various possible configurations of objects in your bathroom given its fixed floor area and shape. You may combine several hacks or even discover your own that will best suit your bathroom.

This way, your bathroom will not only look better, but it will also feel bigger because of the improved functionality. You will be surprised how some simple changes can accomplish a lot not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of practical use.

However, if you want to have the work done professionally, you should hire a company specializing in bathroom design services. Bathroom renovation or home renovation companies have the experience and knowhow needed in improving the look and feel of your small bathroom.

Ask for price quotes and compare designs and, of course, provide your own input.