3 key errors to avoid whenmaintaining a landscape


You want to keep your landscape beautiful, healthy and clean. This involves regular maintenance by using the right tools and spending the right amount of time on it.

However, there must be a balance between trimming your plants and letting it grow. Below are some mistakes that people make when trying to maintain the functionality of their landscape.

1) Scalping your grass

Your lawn grass may have grown to become very thick, and you are tempted to remove your grass blades till it is thin and neat.

This act of lawn scalping removes a good amount of grass blades, which in turn exposes the stems of the plant to pests, stress and disease. This also prevents the grass from growing back their grass blades.

An adequate amount of grass blades is needed to prevent weed growth. Without the thickness of the grass blades to cover the sunlight, weeds will grow aggressively and compete for nutrients.

2) Not trimming thebush regularly

On the other hand, if you do not trim the shrubs and hedges, irregular branches and debris will flourish. It can also grow out of control when left by itself without regular maintenance.

Regular trimming promotes growth in the plant, which in turn leads to thicker and richer growth.

When it is done properly, a hedge is efficient in marking boundaries of different areas and properties, as well as createsnice greenery to complement existing architecture. It is also useful in partitioning different areas within your own landscape.

You should also use the right tools like a power hedger to trim those shrubs.

3) Not maintaining equipment

The equipment used to trim your plants must also be washed regularly to prevent weed seeds from spreading.

Before disinfecting your tools with chemicals, ensure that remaining dirt is removed as it can decrease the effectiveness of those chemicals.

Before purchasing cleaning chemicals or plant products, make sure that it conforms according to the environmental and safety guidelines established in Singapore. Additionally, do read and adhere carefully to the information label for the prescribed usage amount.

Seek advice for landscaping maintenance!

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