Beautify Your Natural Concept Apartment Completed With Minimalist Dining Room Design and Wooden Accents

Creative kitchen design
© Margaux Beja – Sydney Smith say “A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience”. To manifest this happiness you have to find the most comfortable design for your home.

French style is one of the designs that you can apply for your home or apartment. Designer Margaux Beja mixes the old world charm of the French to the entirely modern and chic elements. She exposes the wood beams from the original structure to make a natural concept apartment.

Classic bedroom design
© Margaux Beja

This design is using a white background and decorated with the furniture and beautiful wooden accents will a natural concept apartment

Creative office desk
© Margaux Beja

A little bit of space can be a comfortable work desk, with the beautiful view from the window.

Best wooden furniture
© Margaux Beja

The cabinets which made by wood adding an elegant impression in your bedroom. You can mix it with the black color inside.

closet shelving idea
© Margaux Beja

The closet shelving looks unique with the wooden accent.

rustic bathroom design
© Margaux Beja

Wood elements help to realize the french style that you want to appear. If you want to make it more charming, you can use wall hangings of rattan to beautify your toilet.

French style living room
© Margaux Beja

A solid wood separates the bedroom with the living room, it is also allowing to filter plenty of sunlight into this top floor apartment.

wood panel kitchen idea
© Margaux Beja

How about bar kitchen with a little space from the bedroom? That is a good idea, right? you can easily connect to the other room in your apartment.

Creative dining room design
© Margaux Beja
Best interior design 2016
© Margaux Beja

Minimalist dining room design under the stairs will be a romantic dining table in your apartment. You can apply the other accents to get the romantic feel and realizing natural concept apartment.