Top 9 Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Complete Home


Vastu or Vastu Shastra as it is profoundly known is a traditional part of Hindu architecture system or widely known as the science of architecture. This science helps you to synchronize well with nature. Moreover, it also states how the structure of your home has a deep influence on your adult life, children life, wealth, health, happiness, etc. Therefore, while building your home, you need to take care of a few things that will bring peace and prosperity.

Ideal Position for Sleeping

The Vastu says that the person must sleep with head towards the South and legs stretching in the North direction. It provides peaceful sleep to the person, and people can save themselves from ill-effect of insomnia, bad dreams, and adverse health conditions.

If you can sleep in the East direction, then it’s great as this direction is the power-house of all the positive energies. This is an ideal position for the students as they can turn up to the sun and gain all positive energies in the morning time.

Bedroom Direction

As one-third of everyone’s life goes in sleeping, so it is essential to have an excellent Vastu planned for your bedroom. This is a place where you refresh and gain energy every day. The bedroom must be located in the south direction or the south-west direction. Your bedroom entrance must be in the east or north direction.

Location for Tulsi Plant

For pooja or to bring positive energies in your home, it is always advisable to plant herbs, flowers, or medicinal plants. Tulsi is an important medicinal plant that is worshipped by Hindus. It must be ideally located in front of your house, and the ideal direction is east. The plant keeps away the negative energies from your home.

The Direction of Prayer Room

This is an essential place in everyone’s home, and you should locate it carefully. The pictures of the deities must be placed in the eastern direction. The reason being you can teach all positive energies. It is not advisable to build a prayer room under the staircase as it is used for storage purpose. You should not keep the picture of the deceased person with the deities, but you can keep on the outer circle of the altar.

Positioning of Kitchen

The kitchen Vastu must be planned carefully as this is the place where you prepare food and should house positive energies only. The ideal place for building a kitchen is North-East part of your home. Here the ruling planet is Venus since the fire element rule it. The kitchen must not be built above the bedroom, pooja room, or the toilet.

Bathroom Direction

The bathroom cannot be built at any side of your house since it can bring in negative energy. Construct your bathroom in an ideal direction to keep up with the positivity and keep the stress-level away. The inmates must not build the bathroom in any corners of the house. The best location for the toilet is the eastern part of your home, and the toilet must be built in the west or north-west part of your house.

Constructing a Well

According to Vastu Shastra, while building a new home, it is significant to dig a well. The reason being, if the water from the well is used for construction purpose, then it proves fortunate for the inmates of the house. The well must be round in shape and must have good exposure to the sunlight. It should not be shared between the two properties also. The property owners must get the well constructed on the North-East or North side of the property. So, if the line is drawn from North-east to South-east corner of the house, then the axis either remains on the right or left the side of the line. Never construct the well in the South-Eastern part as the fire element and water element may cause conflict and can prove unlucky.

Planting The Trees

The inmates must not plant trees very close to the house, and they can be planted in the western or southern direction. The Southern part is excellent for planting trees, as it will block any negative energy. There should no contact of branches of the trees with the building or avoid planting creepers as they take the support of your house. This will also block positive energies. You can plant trees like Neem, Mango, Amla, etc.

Stairs Direction

The stairs must be constructed in the south or west direction of the house to block all the negative energies. While building stairs, it must rise from the eastern direction and land on the western side. It can start from the north direction and ground in the southern. There should be no staircase in the center or north-east directions.

To sum up, all these vital Vastu tips will bring prosperity, happiness, and create a great ambiance in your house