Top 7 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs


After a long day of work, getting in a hot tub can help you to relax and connect with the world, giving you the ‘me’ time you need to recover from the day’s stresses. There are a huge number of benefits to owning a hot tub, from spending quality time with friends and family, to giving you a reason to invite all your mates over. In addition to the social element, using a hot tub regularly has also been shown to have many health benefits, such as reducing anxiety and helping with a range of aches and pains. A medical professional should always be consulted before using a hot tub to help with medical conditions, here are some of the ways that a hot tub may be beneficial to you.

1. Ease sore muscles

Similar to having a hot bath, getting in a hot tub is known to ease those sore muscles after a long day of work. Even if you are not doing manual labour every day, many people can suffer from muscle pains that can be pretty hard to budge. Not matter what sort of activity we are taking part in, whether it is doing the cooking, running to catch the bus, looking after children or hitting the gym, your muscles will be working hard, and all the movement is bound to start to take its toll on your body after a while, some more than others. Hot tubs can help with this, thanks to the relaxing combination of the warm waters and massage jets. Together, they help to release the toxins from your muscle fibres, while the water itself will take away the constant pressure on your back, legs, and feet.

2. Lowers stress and anxiety

All sorts of elements of day to day life can make you stressed, from working a busy job of running a household. Just living in a busy, modern-day life that we are all leading can be a big source of anxiety, and many people strive to find a way to destress and just relax for a little while. A hot tub can do just that. Before leaving for work in the morning, why not just soak your lower body for a little while to release some anxiety before starting the day, or at night, after the busy day, it can help you unwind and leave the day’s stresses far behind. Floating is a well-known relaxation method, used by spas around the world, and you can enjoy this from the comfort of your home, giving you a comfortable place away from life’s distractions.

3. Range of motion improves

Depending on a range of factors, when you get older, your range of motion will start to decrease. A hot tub has the potential to restore this lost flexibility and slow down the process of the natural stiffening that simply comes with growing older. The warm water of the hot tub creates hydrostatic pressure on the body to reduce joint inflammation. You could also combine this with a few flexibility exercises.

4. Helps with lower back pain

Most people will suffer from some form of lower back pain at some point in their lives, some a lot worse than others. This pain can impact the quality of your life, especially if it begins to stop you from taking part in general day to day activities such as doing the shopping or going to work. Several studies have taken place where people who have chronic back pain took part in a hydrotherapy treatment, either alone or with other treatments, and saw a reduction in the symptoms. These studies may show that hydrotherapy has the potential to help with back pain, you should always consult a medical professional before taking part in this sort of treatment.

5. Relief from some of the symptoms of Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Joint pain and swelling are the symptoms for many people that suffer from Arthritis, a relatively common problem in people all over the world. It can even result in a decreased range of motion. There are many different forms of Arthritis, such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis, but all can greatly decrease the quality of life of individuals, stopping them from taking part in general day to day activities. The results of a study have shown that spa therapy can reduce this pain, however, you should always seek advice from a medical professional before trying to use a hot tub.

6. Better sleep

A huge number of people suffer from a form of sleep disorder, which can then lead to a range of other health problems. This can become a vicious cycle, preventing sleep further. Using a hot tub has been shown to give you a better sleep when used regularly. When used before bed, some studies have shown that it leads to a longer and more restful sleep, reducing stress and anxiety levels. Sometimes a little me-time can be all you need.

7. Helps with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Soaking in a hot tub may also help with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, which is a disorder that leaves people feeling fatigued, with chronic pain throughout the body. Researchers conducted a study on those with Fibromyalgia using hydrotherapy, and the results showed some considerable benefits. This shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, however, so seek a medical professional to see if using a hot tub can help with your fibromyalgia symptoms.

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