6 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Make Your Home Feel More Modern


Houses can get outdated. Color preferences change, architecture styles switch, appliances improve…lots of things change. Plus, over time, houses simply begin to feel old. Living in a home means your house is going to experience a little wear and tear. These are six DIY home improvement projects to make your home feel more modern.

1. Cupboards

An easy DIY that has a large impact is updating your cupboards. Cupboards become damaged, faded, or even break after a while. Those are some good excuses for an upgrade. Or maybe your cupboards are just that dull, classic cherry wood and you are ready for a change. There are many ways to make your cupboards look more modern. For example, gray color schemes are currently trending, so painting your cupboards gray will give them a more modern look. Another trend is to paint your bottom cupboards gray and then paint the hanging top cupboards white. It’s a classy look that can help a kitchen feel lighter.

2. Stairs

You can update your stairwell by changing the stairs themselves or updating the banister. Painting the banister a new color or switching out wooden bars for metal bars are great modern upgrades. A popular option for stairs right now is to have wooden stairs. It’s a clean and polished look. To take your stairway another level higher, you can paint the risers a different color from the tread. Some people even use vinyl decals and patterns to paint their risers and give their stairs a bold and fun look.

3. Countertops

Granite or marble countertops are the perfect way to update your kitchen. These counters are beautiful, especially when they are paired with new cupboards. Companies like can help you choose slabs of granite or marble you want to turn into your counter. This style works well with gray toned kitchens.

4. Sink

Sinks can age a home. Sink basin and faucet styles have changed and improved. Swapping out an old bathroom or kitchen sinks and faucets with the unique ones available will help your home look more modern. An exposed barn sink basin in the kitchen is one great sink option. While replacing an old fashioned bathroom faucet is an option for making the whole bathroom seem newer. Replace an old kitchen faucet with a new motion detected faucet to incorporate more technology into your home and give it a more modern feel.

5. Bathtub

The bathtub is another way to help modernize your bathroom. If you have an older and colored bathtub, you can use paint to color it white and help it look cleaner and new. Another way to dress up the tub is to decorate the front of the tub. Instead of leaving a plain white tub apron showing, cover it with wood paneling or stone decals. This will give your bathroom a very put-together feel.

6. Walls

Painting the walls is always a favorite DIY home improvement project. Changing the color of paint can dramatically change the look of a room. Other wall DIY projects could be using decorative wallpaper for accents or adding a wooden shiplap to your wall. If you like the wooden wall look, but don’t want to have the entire wall be wooden, wainscot panels are a great and modern option.