How To Keep Your Renovation Project on Track During Winter


In some countries, this won’t be an issue. However, most fall victim to seasonality, and it would be fair to say that winter is the harshest of them all.

In short, this is the season where projects can be delayed months on-end. While snow often grabs the headlines in this regard, and rightly so, other conditions can make just as much of an impact and knock a project straight off its timeline. Today’s post will now take a look at some of the things you can do to make sure that your home renovation stays on track during the winter months, and you don’t fall victim to the weather.

Plan your work around the weather

Granted, this isn’t always going to be possible, but we really would urge you to plan your work around the weather whenever you can. For the purposes of today, let’s hone in on brickwork. This is something that can’t really be carried out if the temperature drops below freezing – as it can impact the mortar and ultimately make your walls fail. In truth, any job involving water is going to carry these risks, as when the temperature drops, it can wreak havoc with a lot of projects.

So, what you can do? Obviously, you have absolutely no power when it comes to the weather, but you do when it comes to planning your project. Try and plan, so these sorts of works do not fall right in the middle of winter. Sometimes, this will be difficult, but this is where you might have to reschedule your project by a month or so to increase the chances of falling within your time and budget requirements.

Safety first

Of course, safety first should be a principle that you always abide by. It goes without saying that during winter, the risks start to increase emphatically though, with slips and slides so much more common.

If possible, try and reschedule your work, so you’re not working at height or any other compromising conditions. Also ensure that everyone working on-site is equipped with the relevant protective equipment. This might be a high-quality jacket to brave the elements or the obligatory hard hats. It all matters.

Have one eye on security

This final point might raise a few eyebrows, but it’s something that plays a surprisingly common role in delays amongst renovation projects.

As we all know, thieves thrive in darkness. As we also all know, a building site prompts so many opportunities for criminals to prosper. This can come in the form of scrap metal or even machinery.

In winter, the days are obviously much darker. It means that the opportunities for thieves increase, and you need to take precautions. This might mean investing in more robust structures to house your equipment, or even having some sort of CCTV installed to help you along your way. Remember, it just takes one thing to be stolen for a project to be knocked back weeks.

The changing seasons bring their own unique challenges, so make sure you are prepared for what looks set to be a very cold winter.