Is Your Roof Being Eaten Away?


Why do you need a professional roof cleaning service for your home? Do you have dark roof stains on your roof, making it look aged, dirty, and worn? Those stains are bacteria consisting of algae and fungi that are eating away at your roof. Even worse, they are actively growing and spreading – not only spreading on your roof but the wind is blowing them throughout the neighborhood too.

A professional roof Cleaning Service in San Diego will remove that algae and fungus, refreshing the roof and making your home look cleaner and fresh too. Serving your house with a roof cleaning service not only will make your home look better, but it will increase the value of it as well – a big plus if you’re planning on selling. A dirty and stained roof takes years from its lifespan, affecting the value of your home.

No matter how affordable a roof cleaning service that you use, you’ll find there are bigger savings with the energy costs when the algae and fungus are removed. When bacteria are left on the roof, it keeps moisture and loses its reflectivity, both of which accumulate heat. Each time it rains, the algae spores wash off the roof and spreads to the gutters, siding, and painted areas, spreading affecting your house and your neighbor’s homes too.

Professional house roof cleaning is a beneficial and effective improvement that as a homeowner, you can consider as an investment for your largest investment – your home. An added benefit you’ll get immediately is an improved curb appeal. If you aren’t selling your home, you can enjoy the admiring looks from your neighbors and passers-by.

The Financial Benefits, The Health Benefits, The Utility Benefits 

We have explained how a clean roof will improve your home’s appearance with a professional roof cleaning service. Besides the enhanced beauty your home will have, the extended lifespan of the roof, it lowers your electric and gas bills too. A professional roof cleaning service in San Diego will make your home a healthier environment, too, by removing the bacteria of algae and fungus.

Many homeowners feel that house roof cleaning is an unnecessary expense. With a little research, they can find affordable roof cleaning that will give them all the benefits we’ve discussed here without breaking their budget. Once they have experienced the results of a professional roof cleaning service in San Diego, they will realize they have been missing many benefits.

While hiring a professional roof cleaning service may seem like money spent, it saves you money in the long run. With a thoroughly professional roof Cleaning Service your San Diego home’s roof will have a longer lifespan, meaning you won’t have to repair or replace your roof before the original life expectancy, saving you thousands of dollars.

Recapping The Benefits Of Professional Roof Cleaning Services

  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Longer Roof Life
  • Higher Value
  • Improved Health
  • Saving Energy Cost

It can be disturbing once you realize the multitude of algae, lichen, and moss that is growing your home’s roof. Often, homeowners believe that once they see black streaks on their rooftops, it means a replacement roof is needed. A roof cleaning service in San Diego will remove that collection of bacteria that is causing breathing issues in and around your home. Your neighbors will breathe easier as well because your professional house roof cleaning will rid the air of these allergy-causing products.