Beat the Summer Heat with AC


Your area conditioning unit has to work hard during the hottest day of Summer. You can lower utility bills, save energy, increase comfort and maximize efficiency by following these steps and can keep your AC unit running efficiently all summer.

1. Call an HVAC professional

Before the beginning of Summer, you should call an HVAC professional who can inspect each central air conditioning unit, cleaned and tuned them properly. It will cost you around $70 to $100 for tuning up your air conditioning units.

2. Check your filters

Especially during the summer when there are dust and allergens circulating around then there is a chance filter can get clogged. Your system will have to work more to supply the same volume of air. Therefore, you should check the air filter once every month and if needed replace it.

3. Place your AC in Shade

Your AC conditioner will run more efficiently when they are kept in proper shading. An AC wouldn’t have to work hard to keep the air cool when it is already at the shaded place because air at the shaded place is cooler than the surrounding air.

4. Check your thermostat

You shouldn’t keep any heat-producing applications near your thermostat. Avoid installing your new thermostat in the location where the ray of the sun falls directly on it. As a thermostat senses, the heat can cause your air conditioner to run a little longer than necessary.

5. Don’t play with the dial

Use Programmable or smart thermostat so that you can gain significant energy savings. One thing to remember is that each degree below 78 will increase your energy consumption so it’s better if thermostat operates on its own.

6. Prevent cold air from running away

You don’t want your cold air to escape when you need it most. Weatherization can prevent cold air. You can use caulking and weather-stripping to seal air leaks.

7. Clean the debris

Always keep plants, shrubs and other landscaping about 2 to 4 feet away from the air conditioner outdoor unit so that there will be adequate airflow.

8. Use ceiling fans also

To feel the breeze, you should switch on your ceiling fan in your home as it will push the cool air down. A ceiling fan can save you a lot of money if it runs half the day.

9. To save energy install window film

A window film or tint is a great home improvement idea for your window from inside. A film will not only help you to keep your house cooler during summer but during winter it will keep your house warmer also. A window will prevent hot rays to come inside your house during summer and during winter it will keep the house warm by preventing heat to escape.

Orlando has many AC contractors but few have an excellent reputation like Ambrose Air AC. They will not only inspect each and every central air conditioning unit but will clean and tuned them for you properly.