How to identify toxins at home?


While buying a dream house we look for plenty of options. We research the market value of the place the surroundings, the amenities etc. We also compare the prices before we finally finalize a place. But what if that house turns out to be a nightmare. Sometimes due to poor material or other problems a house is infested by toxins. No one wants to be ill due to unexpected reasons. Every day a person is exposed to toxic chemicals which they are exposed to at work, at home or at public places. The fluoride in tap water is the cause of cancer and your best sheets are responsible to give you problems such as insomnia due to the presence of formaldehyde in it. If you or your family member is going through a health problem or taking necessary measures to restore to good health. Reducing the exposure to toxins at home is something that might sound interesting to you. It is better to identify theft insurance as it will provide you with compensation when any damage takes place in the house.

Let us delve deeper into some of the ways that can help to identify toxins at home:

  • Move-in on mould and Mildew: One of the most common toxins found in the home is mould and mildews. The fungus grows wherever the moisture comes in contact with certain building materials. The most common placed that are exposed to moulds are tiles, groups, ceilings, floors and walls. If the mould and mildew are not treated on time it can seriously impact a person’s physical and mental health. It also damages the structure of the house. One can find it difficult to identify mould as it comes in various guises which may vary from slimy orange to pink growth. While others will leave black white and green patches. You will come to know about it eventually as it has damped musty and earthy smell. Mould can be eliminated with the help of homemade remedies such as baking soda or vinegar. It would be best if you will hire a professional who can remove it from its roots. It is better to identify theft insurance so that you come to know whether similar situations are covered in it or not. You can buy theft insurance from Once it is eliminated make sure that necessary steps are taken to prevent it from forming in future.
  • Avoid asbestos: Another toxin to which homeowners are exposed to is asbestos. Asbestos a commonly exposed building material.  The microfibers present in asbestos can pose a threat to the health of an individual when it is inhaled or consumed. Short term exposure can be devastating and long term health effects could be wheezing, coughing and lung cancer. Homeowners are obliged to tell about asbestos in their home while selling the house. If you are planning to remove asbestos don’t do it on your own hire professionals who can do it for you.
  • Radon: Some of the scariest toxins in the home that you can’t identify with your senses alone is radon. This invisible, odourless and tasteless that is responsible for lung cancer. You might be breathing it for months and are unaware of it.

The formation of this substance is a radioactive process the uranium breaks down into soil,  Rock and water. It would be best to hire professionals as they know how to detect them. As a future buyer, you must conduct the radon tests before buying the house.

  • Hazardous house dust: House dust is something one should not be worried about. There are dust particles and chemicals which are floating around the home. Some of it comes in the form of dirt and dust from outside. Children are most exposed to toxic house dust. Some chemicals are neurotoxic and they might interfere with a child’s normal brain growth. The best way to reduce dust from the home is to avoid it from entering at the initial stage. Keep your shoes outside the home before entering.
  • Lead paint: Lead is no longer allowed in paints but it was legal till 1978. Lead might be present in older homes. If you are planning to renovate your house then you must test the presence of lead and get it removed from the house. Window sills and door jambs are the best places to test lead. Inhaling fine particles can be dangerous for children. You can also conduct a lead risk assessment before remodelling your house.
  • Household chemicals: Chemicals are found in various things which are used in the house such as cleaners, cosmetic products and many other things. Some of the household chemicals can be dangerous if not used in the right way. Don’t use dangerous chemicals while doing any tasks. Keep the dangerous chemicals away from the children. Try to keep them out of the house away from the living spaces so as to prevent any mishap penning in the future.

At last, they say precaution is better than cure. Get your house checked thoroughly and if you find any toxins from the ones listed above seek help from professionals and get them removed in no time and as soon as possible. How these toxins find their way into the dust is not known yet as it may be due to various causes. It would be best to keep the places neat and clean so as to avoid toxic dust particles from entering. It would be best to go for theft insurance so that it can prevent your house from any hassles that might take place in your house in future. These will surely help you to avoid paying unnecessary expenses for getting treatments to take necessary precautions at the initial stage. Your family is your number one priority. So opt for these measures if want to make you and your family healthy and happy in the long run. As a healthy family is a prosperous one because at the end of the day it is you who has to take the required action.