What is The Best Season for Air Duct Cleaning?


Most homeowners don’t know when the right time to clean their air ducts is or how often they should be cleaned. To be fair, most people don’t give duct cleaning a second thought. The majority of people operate off the assumption that your ducts will remain clean for years since all they do is blow air, but in actuality your ducts can start to collect dust, debris, insects and even more serious elements like mould.  The buildup of these contaminants can affect the air quality of your home and can lead to more serious problems like clogging your vents making them less efficient.

But when is the best time to clean your ducts? In this article we’ll go over the best time to clean your ducts and how often you should get them cleaned.

How often should I clean my ducts?

You should be cleaning your ducts once every 2-3 years to prevent maintenance and health problems. But if your home has pets or children with allergies should be cleaned more frequently.

What is the best season for air duct cleaning?

One question that professional HVAC technicians get is when is the best time to clean their ducts. Below we’ve detailed out a few scenarios about which season is best to clean your ducts and some common information about air duct cleaning.

What is the best time to clean air ducts?

Now in short, there is no “best time”  to clean your air ducts. Despite what you may see online, there isn’t necessarily an exact and precise time of year when you should clean your air ducts. Some people choose to have their ducts clean professionally each year while others only have their systems clean when its functionality is compromised. Most duct cleaning professionals experience a steady stream of work throughout the full year. We’ll now go through the advantages of air duct cleaning in each season.

Spring and Fall

Getting your ducts cleaned in spring and fall will help your system be ready for the winter weather or the summer heat. By having your HVAC system serviced in these periods will be more efficient and less burdensome since in the spring and fall your system will most likely not be as busy or on-off during these periods.

Why is spring considered the best time for air duct cleaning?

Although it is possible to have air duct cleaning completed at any time, one of the most recommended times is in the springtime. The spring offers some unique advantages over other seasons, the first being the climate of the weather. Since spring usually has more milder climates, chances are the HVAC system in your home will be turned off. This makes professional cleaning easier since it limits the amount of disruption. Another benefit of having your cleaning done in sime is that when you do use the HVAC system in summer you will have better air quality and no disruptions! During winter rodents and bugs can settle in the air ducts since they are warm due the heating. By cleaning your ducts in spring, you remove any leftover winter dirt.

Summer and Winter

If you choose to have your ducts serviced in winter or summer, these seasons also offer benefits. You will enjoy a fast and efficient system and help keep your home at an ideal temperature.

The Amazing Benefits of Clean-Air Ducts

Professional duct cleaning helps ensure a healthy and clean indoor environment for your home. Some of the benefits of clean air ducts include the following below:

  • Improvement of air quality since dust, pet dander/shedding and other allergens are removed
  • Prevention of mould growth
  • Removal of unpleasant smells
  • HVAC efficiency improvement

Warning Signs for Dirty Ducts

If you are worried about your ducts or can’t remember the last time you had them cleaned, there are some warning signs of dirty ducts you can look for. If you notice any darkening around the vents or excessive dust around your air filters, it’s best to call in a professional to get your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

Other signs to watch for are:

  • Mould build up in your home
  • If you begin noticing pests like rodents or bugs in your home
  • Dust and particles coming out of your vents when your turn on your A/C or heating system

If you begin seeing any of the symptoms above, it’s best to call in a professional as soon as possible to help mediate ongoing issues and prevent any further damage.