US Standard Products: Essential PPE every Construction Worker Needs


Workplace safety should be a concern no matter where you work. With that said, some jobs come with a greater potential for injury than others.

With the many hazards on a construction site, managers and workers need to pay close attention to work safety practices and what can be done to prevent injury.

At US Standard Products, we understand the important role personal protective equipment (PPE) plays in keeping construction workers safe. We know that having the right PPE equipment can be the difference between going home at the end of the day and ending up in the hospital.

In this post, we will go over some of the PPE safety equipment that can protect construction workers when they are on the job.

Hard Hats

A hard hat is one of the most common pieces of PPE you will find on a construction site. It can protect the wearer’s head from falling objects and other hazards. It is important to remember that hard hats have different grades and classifications to indicate the level of protection.

Eye Protection

Construction workers should wear eye protection whenever using heavy equipment or power tools. If there is a chance of flying debris or sparks, you need to protect your eyes. Beyond PPE like goggles or safety glasses, some jobs may require wearing a full face shield to protect the worker against injuries.

Ear Protection

Noisy equipment can damage your hearing. If the noise level rises above 85 decibels, workers should wear hearing protection. This can include earmuffs that cover the ears or different types of earplugs. Selecting the right ear protection will depend on the preference of the wearer and the level of noise to which they are exposed.

Safety Gloves

Gloves are another common type of PPE equipment. Depending on the type of glove, they can protect the wearer from cuts, burns and chemicals. Construction workers should make sure they have gloves that protect them from the hazards to which they are exposed while allowing them to work unhindered.

Safety Shoes

Construction sites can be littered with foot hazards. A common example is a nail that is sticking up from a piece of material on the ground. You also need to consider the possibility that a heavy object could fall on the foot. Shoes with steel toes and reinforced soles offer the best protection for workers in the construction industry.

Harnesses and Safety Belts

Wearing a safety harness or belt when working high off the ground is not just a work safety tip, it is necessary for protecting workers from accidental falls. Safety harnesses should be worn properly and they should be anchored to a point above the work area.

Safety Clothing

The first point about safety clothing is that it should cover the arms, legs and torso entirely. It should be made from a material that can provide adequate protection from things like cuts, scrapes and burns. In addition to that, some workers may need to consider adding high-visibility garments to their work clothing. This would include things like reflective vests or jackets.

US Standard Products safety equipment is made with workplace safety in mind. The PPE mentioned in this post covers some of the more common types of safety equipment that construction workers may need, but some workers might need safety equipment that is specific to the job. Regardless of the job, workers and site managers should follow all of the regulations for wearing PPE.