How to Make Your Apartment Look Like Korean Apartment

3193 – Something about Korea is popular right now, especially among teenagers. Lots of Korean styles are often applied to their daily lives, such as clothes, music, and even interior design. For those of you who often watch Korean dramas, of course, some of you may be wrongly focused on the interior design of the apartment in the drama. Korean-style apartments do look clean, comfortable and soothing.

Korean-style apartments are often the target of teenagers. Its simple but comfortable shape makes it superior to other styles. And for those of you who are interested and want to apply Korean style to your apartment, here we have provided the Tips of How to Make Your Apartment Look Like Korean Apartment. So, let’s check it out!

Using A Lower Bed Frame

The size of apartments in Korea is usually relatively small and only one room. Therefore, it is very important to keep the room looks spacious despite using various kinds of furniture.

As it is known that the bed is the main item that must exist in every place to stay. To keep the apartment spacious, choosing a bed frame is very important. In this case, Korean-style apartments use low-sized bed frames.

69 trendy apartment aesthetic korean

To keep the apartment looking bright and the atmosphere created is warm and comfortable, the material used for the bed frame is wood with bright colors. With this, you will fall asleep peacefully.

Only Use Furniture Needed

The next tip for making an apartment look like a Korean apartment is to use furniture that is only used, such as mattresses, tables, and cabinets. With this, the apartment will still feel spacious and not stuffy.

This one tip is also widely applied by teenagers in their apartments. This is because teenagers prefer simple things. Apart from that, this will save you even more money.

By using furniture that is only needed, not only does the apartment look simple, but cleaning is much easier. Keeping the apartment clean is what you need to do. Dirty apartments will only make the air in the apartment becomes unhealthy.

Using A Low-Sized Table and Couch

The next tip in applying the Korean style to the apartment is to choose a low-sized table and couch. You can use the coffee table to make the apartment look sweet. For the couch, choose a comfortable couch and try to avoid the couch with long legs.

Warm Lighting

Lighting is a must for an apartment. By presenting lighting in the apartment will make you able to move at night freely. However, the lighting function not only makes the apartment look bright but can also be used as decoration to make the apartment look more attractive and beautiful at night.

In applying the Korean style to the apartment, the next tip you need to do is to choose warm lighting. There are lots of unique and cool sized lamps that will make the apartment look beautiful.

69 trendy apartment aesthetic korean

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Put The Bed Next To The Window

One of the hallmarks of Korean-style apartments is laying the bed. Korean-style apartments look more comfortable because the bed is placed next to the window. This will make the atmosphere very comfortable, especially at night.

At night, when you are bored, you can see the city view from inside your apartment. This will greatly boost your mood.

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