Fun Bedroom Decor Ideas


Bedroom is the gateway to heaven and we couldn’t agree more! From our privacy to our comfort space to the reflection of our personalities, everything is embodied in this space. Believe it or not but your bedroom can also impact the relationship you share with your partner simply because of the way it is kept and as a result, the energy that it releases which makes it worthy to look after.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you make your bedroom one-of -a kind with unique decor ideas. Lucky for you, we have some great ideas to uplift your happy place.

Area Rug

Nothing spells cozy better than an area rug. A plush and elegant rug has the power to change the style of your room and even breathe some life into it, without taking up a lot of space. If you are into colors, a bright area rug can add the much needed pop to the space while keeping the boldness to a minimum.

It is a great decor option for minimalists looking to add a zing to their room without having to dive into multiple items to complement each other. A mid-sized rug is the best way to go. Too large might overpower the space and too small a rug will hardly be noticeable.

Elegant Bedroom Furniture Set

Your bedroom’s furniture speaks volume about how your bedroom is perceived in your mind. If you are the one who considers this space as their haven post a long day, then it is a great idea to invest in a bedroom furniture set.

Spruce up your room with an elegant – can be contemporary or traditional bed frame with headboard, with a matching dresser and if you have the space, a cozy lamp. While having these furniture pieces is great, make sure you are not overdoing it and allowing the space in your bedroom to breathe. It is very important to maintain a peaceful and open ambiance in your room.

A Good Looking Comfy Mattress

Do not sideline the aesthetic appeal of your mattress just yet. While we mostly and rightly so, focus on its functionality, if kept nicely, mattresses can add to the beauty of your rooms. It can be a foam mattress, a coir mattress  or a memory mattress, taking care of its longevity, covering it with some nice bedspreads can do wonders for your bedroom, its appeal and of course, the comfort factor.

Colorful Cushions

There is nothing that beats up a good pillow arrangement in your bedroom to light the place up. Colorful cushions and fluffy pillows add the comfort factor to the room which makes your personal space more welcoming. You can blend aesthetics with comfort with a nectar premium foam pillow to make your space more appealing. Fluff up!

Floating Shelves

Now this is an idea which is great to look at and also saves on space. Floating shelves, if carved out tastefully can be an inbuilt decor item for your bedroom. It can work as a bookshelf, essentials holder, laptop space and a lot more! You can also add some quirk accessories to add to the pop.

Wall Frames

If you have the space to hang up wall frames, then go for it! One of the most iconic decor pieces, the wall frames have the ability to breathe magic into your space via color and sheer elegance. Based on your wall size and bedroom shade, choose a wall frame that will complement your personal space. Too big or too small a wall frame can fail to make an impact. Capture memories and put it up in these frames to make your room a haven for good thoughts and positive vibes.

Bed Frames

Bed frames add a whole lot of taste and elegance to your room. Large bed frames go with rooms with greater space and light while medium frames are perfect to standard size rooms with plenty of light and space. You can either go for a simply wood polished frame or can get fancy with fabrics, whatever suits your fancy. Make sure it is not in too bold a hue as it can overpower the entire bedroom element and be a standalone piece.


How can we forget curtains! Curtains are more than just fabric that protect your home from the heat outside or excessive light. Curtains add the ambiance of the room based on its color and its fabric. If you are looking for something formal and deep set, go for heavy drapes.

However, make sure that your room is spacious to accommodate the heavy element of these heavy drapes. On the other hand, if you are feeling artsy, you can go pop colors, beaded curtains or any funky style  to add to the vibrancy you are looking for. Curtains are usually up for a long time, so do your research before making an investment.

Add Greenery

Natural elements are always a good choice, if you are not knocking things over. From small succulents to indoor plants, these green fellas have the ability to make your bedroom fresh and lively. If you are low on space on the ground, you can go for hanging pots and prop plants like money plants to hang beautifully down the walls. In addition to looking great, they also improve the air quality in your rooms and are thus, a win-win.

Elegant and Compact Nightstands

A handy nightstand beside your bed is always a good space to keep your essentials. Improvise on these nightstands and make them functional as well as beautiful additions to your room. The compact these nightstands, the better. Now is the time to get creative!


The list of decor to add to your bedroom can be endless. However, it is very important to take into consideration the size of the room and the space available as too much decor can drown out the serenity of the room and too less will barely make an impact. Be mindful of what fits into the space and suits your personality as well. After all, you have the most important presence in the room.