How to Accessorise Your Garden


Now is the perfect time to make your garden as homely as possible. With the lockdown in place and the longer days, having a cosy and unique garden can really make a difference to your well-being. You don’t have to completely remodel your outdoor space, adding simple accessories here and there could really enhance the look of your garden with minimum effort.  Below are some ideas to jazz up your garden.

An outdoor brazier

Braziers or fire pits are a great addition to any garden, especially if you love having evening garden parties or if you enjoy your garden once the sun is down and everything turns quiet. They will also take the chill away from cooler evenings during Spring for example. You can find so many different options from industrial fire pits to iron braziers, there’s always an option no matter your budget or the size of your garden.

Water features

Fountains, cascades, streams or even ponds, water features are a peaceful addition to any garden. Who doesn’t like to hear the relaxing sound of gurgling water? Great for wildlife too, they’ll help bring birds, bees, frogs and insects to your garden. If you’re into meditation or yoga, having water features could be a lifesaver as it cancels some sounds and creates white noise, ideal if you live near a road.

Bird houses

Observing birds can be a relaxing activity, although bringing a nice variety of them into your garden can be a bit tricky. Birdhouses and bird feeders are a great way to attract different species other than just your typical wood pigeon. First of all, a bird house looks pretty, they normally blend really well into a tree and would most definitely bring birds you didn’t even know lived nearby! Besides, they are an affordable outdoor accessory and can help you learn more about nature.


Placing a mirror outside may sound a bit weird, however they’re actually a great addition to any garden space. If you have a small outdoor area, a mirror could just do the trick, they’ll make your space look bigger and brighter by reflecting the light and creating an illusion of grandeur. They can also look pretty when surrounded by plants, you would be surprised how much they actually blend in.

Parasol and sail shade

Being exposed to the sun for too long can be detrimental to your skin and can also cause heat stroke if you’re not careful enough. Having a parasol or a sail shade could make a great addition to your green space, they tend to blend quite well and can allow you to enjoy your garden no matter the weather. There’s nothing better than sitting in the shade after an hour of sunbathing with a nice cold drink.

All in all, accessorising your garden doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work, whatever your budget and the size of your outdoor area, there’s always something you can add. In fact, adding a little personalised touch to it could make it look cosier, prettier and push you to go out more often!