Make your Garden a Wildlife Haven


Many people would like to make their garden something of a wildlife haven. While many people assume that only those with large gardens can do this, this is not the case at all. You can make your garden a wildlife haven even if you have a small composite garden. From hanging bird feeders to getting a compost bin, there are many things you can do to attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden.

Build an Insect Hotel

One of the very first things you may want to do is build an insect hotel. While you can buy insect hotels you can also make your own too. Simply find a quiet area of the garden and use that area as the hotel. Pile up some twigs, rocks, leaves and bricks and insects will be attracted to it. Try not to disturb this area too much if at all as it will quickly become home to spiders, beetles and other insects.

Encourage Birds Near your home

Build some decking and put some bird feeders on it so birds are attracted to it. A composite deck can be the ideal place to put bird feeders as they are usually stable surfaces that can be close to your home or on the other side of your garden. Don’t forget to add a birdbath in their too so birds can drink from it and wash in it when they need to.

You may also want to consider putting some food out for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are happy to eat cat food, so why not leave some on your decking and see who it attracts?

Buy a Compost Bin

Did you know that in addition to breaking down fruit and veg waste compost bins can also be the ideal place for worms, woodlice, spiders and frogs to live? Turn the compost bin once a week and it will begin to break down properly. After a period of six months to a year, the compost should be ready to use.

Add fruit and veg waste to your compost bin along with tea leaves, the cardboard tube that comes in the middle of toilet paper, newspapers and shredded paper. All of these things will break down and add a lot of nutrients to the soil while attracting a lot of wildlife.

Plant Wildflower Seeds

There is almost nothing nicer than a wildflower meadow. While you may not have enough room to plant a meadow, planting some wild flower seeds will do. Wildflowers can attract a wide variety of insects and other creatures. Butterflies, dragonflies, mice, spiders and other creatures will love to visit your wildflower area.

Planting wildflower seeds can be quite difficult as they tend to be rather small. So, instead of planting the seeds simply scatter them in an area of your garden or in a raised bed. The seeds will begin to sprout and you’ll soon have some beautiful flowers growing.

Let Some Grass Grow Longer

If you let some of your grass grow a little longer you will attract small animals such as shrews, mice and moles. You don’t have to let all of the grass in your garden grow long, just let a patch of it grow long, it won’t just look good it will also be home to different kinds of wildlife.

If you would like to make your garden a wildlife haven you’ll find that it doesn’t take too much work. Build an insect hotel, scatter some wild flower seeds, put up some bird feeds, and let your grass grow longer. Don’t forget to use a compost bin and help your garden grow while you attract wildlife.