Presenting The Luxury Look to The Living Room Ideas

1682 – Want to pamper guests who come home? Of course, a living room that looks mediocre will not be able to. It takes a touch and decoration to decorate the living room to make it look attractive so that guests will feel at home and want to linger at home.

Some people assume that the appearance of the living room reflects the personality of the owner. For those of you who like things that are elegant and expensive, you can make this as decoration and design for the living room in your home. Bringing a luxurious look into the living room will make the living room look enchanting.

Luxury Living Room with Chesterfield Velvet Sofa

Chesterfield sofa is one of the classic types of sofas worldwide. Embedding buttons on each part of the sofa are the characteristic of this item.

Placing the chesterfield velvet sofa in the middle of the living room seems to focus on this sofa. Its elegant appearance brings the impression and expensive look in the living room.

The choice of gray color gives the impression of mature and sweet into the room. The addition of several pillows with the same color scheme makes this item stand out.

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Nice Lighting and Glitter of Granite Floors

The floor is one of the factors that influence the appearance of a room. The use of granite floors is very instrumental in presenting the look of luxury into the living room. The nice lighting makes this floor look sparkling and charming.

The presence of a low-profile maroon sofa in the middle of the room gave a slightly striking impression. Make the look of luxury in the living room even sharper.

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Play on a Luxury Living Room Wall Scale

The wall has become a common media used to decorate the room. Playing on a wall scale can be used as an idea in presenting a luxury look to the living room. The application of granite on one side of the wall makes the light reflecting on the wall look radiant and sparkling. And for the other side, the big painting stands firm. Black frames make this painting look striking and not less interesting than granite walls.

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Black Luxury Living Room

The black color has become a subscription in presenting a mature and elegant look to a room. The application of various types of black from soft to dark makes the living room look classy and attractive. The application of black marble floor seems to support the appearance of luxury in this room.

The addition of crystal chandeliers seems to let you know that the appearance of luxury blatantly. The light from the chandelier bounces on the marble floor to make this room bright. So even though it uses black as the base color, it doesn’t make this room feel cramped and stuffy.

Some lights on the wall also make the walls look sparkling. The black color looks so beautiful.

Harmony of Marble Wall and Velvet Rug

A simple room is difficult to look luxurious. However, marble is here to give the look and feel of luxury into the room.

The use of marble walls on the side of the wall for TV as if the owner really wants to display the impression of luxury into the room on purpose. A big sofa facing the TV makes it easy to see the marble wall.

The presence of large-sized velvet rug such as supporting marble in presenting a luxurious appearance. The color that looks shining makes it look harmonious with the marble wall.