Small Spaces Rustic Design Ideas

659 – An attractive room is everyone’s dream. It will be easier to decorate or design a large room. But what about the small room? Decorating a small room really needs more knowledge. A little mistake is a very fatal impact on the room.

The first step that must be taken in making the room attractive is choosing the right interior design. For those of you who like the feel of serenity, Rustic design is the right interior. And here Small Spaces Rustic Design Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Wood Floors and Ceilings


Rustic Design was first present in rural Europe where rural communities were making this design to make their homes feel warm. The thick natural feel of this design makes it look different from other designs.

In presenting the nature nuance into the small spaces, wood is a great element to apply. The warm feel and feel of the small spaces make this room feel so comfortable.

Vintage Vibes

Typically, Rustic uses some furniture with metal. The combination of metal and wood presents a vintage look that makes the small spaces look nice.

The addition of several plants to the Rustic design makes this design look fresh. The green color seems to be present to make anyone who sees it relax.

Vases or flower pots as plant containers can also be used as room decorations. Pot made of clay is the right choice for Rustic design.

Exposed Wood

The use of wood has become common knowledge in presenting Rustic designs into the room. Exposed wood is the right idea to be applied to small spaces. Old look as if present deliberately enveloping the whole room. Plus a large window in the room to make sunlight enter freely. Wood in the room looks bright and warm when sunlight hits the wood surface.

Farmhouse Sink for Rustic Small Bathroom

Furniture or items in the room have an important role in presenting the look we want. For the small bathroom, it might be more difficult to use Rustic-smelling decorations. However, don’t worry. Farmhouse sinks can be used to bring a Rustic look to the room.

Bright Display

In a Rustic style room, it is very important to bring a bright display into the room. As was said earlier that the Rustic design is very thick with natural nuances. So that the Rustic design can perform optimally, bring a bright display into the room. In addition, a bright room is also a very large impact on small spaces. The small spaces will feel more spacious and comfortable.

Attractive Appearance with Natural Stones

Typically, natural stone is indeed an element that is usually present in the Rustic style. Usually often applied to large rooms. However, for a small room, you can apply it to one side only.

Applying natural stone on the side of the wall where the heater is placed as if deliberately displaying the other attractive side of the Rustic room. The fire on the heater seemed to merge with natural stone to make the room feel warmer.