4 Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas


Roohome.com – Making the backyard as a garden is already mainstream. Want to give different things to your house? The application of an outdoor kitchen in the backyard is an interesting idea.

Making an outdoor kitchen is certainly not haphazard. Some references and ideas are needed. And here, we have provided 4 Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Industrial Outdoor Kitchen Design

Black is often avoided because it will make the room look small. However, applying black to the outdoor will only make it look attractive.

The industrial outdoor kitchen design will make this place look like a cafe. You will feel comfortable and mature when you are here.

The black color is characteristic of the Industrial style. Applying black to the outdoor will make the outdoor kitchen look radiant. This is because sunlight will enter the kitchen freely and bounce off the kitchen surface.

industrial kitchen design
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Some metal chandeliers covered with black paint will make the kitchen look so beautiful. The use of warm lighting makes the kitchen atmosphere warm but still does not eliminate the look of a mature on the outdoor kitchen itself.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

Want to bring a sense of comfort and warmth into the outdoor kitchen? Rustic is a design that is very fitting to be applied. The use of wood ceiling and natural stone walls brings a natural feel to the kitchen making this place a relaxing place.

rustic kitchen design ideas
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Although this place is open and allows the wind to enter and exit freely, a few additional ceiling fans make this place cooler. Ceiling fans are the right decoration to make an outdoor kitchen look much more attractive.

The greenery and trees in the backyard make this place feel like in the countryside. So with this, Rustic style will feel very thick in the outdoor kitchen.

Modern Vintage Outdoor Kitchen

vintage kitchen decor
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Make the room look bright and sweet, vintage style is often an alternative. The application of white color on the outdoor vintage kitchen makes this place look so bright. A slight touch of gray dampens the light so it makes this place not too conspicuous in the eyes. Some rattan decorations sweeten this place.

vintage kitchen idea
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Feeling comfortable can be felt by the presence of a soft sofa in this place. Some pillows without motives make the sofa look beautiful. Vintage style coffee table seems to enhance the sweet appearance of this place.

Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Pit

Cold weather is often a problem to leave the house, even to the backyard alone. But not to worry, the fire pit in the outdoor kitchen makes it feel warm. A soft sofa with cushion makes this place feel comfortable. Plants and fresh air also make this place soothing.

Comfortable kitchen decor
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The feel of nature and warmth can also be felt from the use of natural stone and rattan speakers. Warm lighting is also an important factor in this place making the outdoor kitchen not only feels warm and comfortable but also looks beautiful at night.

With this, an outdoor kitchen can not only be used as a place to cook but also as a comfortable place to gather with friends and family.