Feel Fresh and Spacious with These Scandinavian Design Ideas


Roohome.com – The first step in making the interior home look attractive, you should decide the interior design first. There are many interior designs you can choose to your house:

  • Rustic Design
  • Shabby Chic
  • Coastal Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Scandinavian Design
  • etc

For you who like and interested in something simple but look sweet and interesting, Scandinavian design is an appropriate design to be applied. This design present the bright look to the room so that the room will be felt fresh and spacious.

For you who are interested in it and want to make your room looks like Scandinavian, so let’s Feel Fresh and Spacious with These Scandinavian Design Ideas.

Scandinavian Presents The Beauty Look at Small Living Room

Using white as a base color is one alternative in bringing Scandinavian into the room. Scandinavian itself does use neutral colors like white, black, beige, and gray. The use of these colors makes a bright room does not look stiff.

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas
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The application of black on the sofa makes this one item stand out in the living room. A little decoration like a black flower pot also displays the quirky side of the room making it look more attractive and not stiff. Cold and warm nuances you can feel in the presence of gray carpet. The bright display is also supported by natural lighting entering through the window.

Beautiful Scandinavian Kitchen Living Room

Combining two room functions in one room makes the room look much more spacious and comfortable. Currently, the kitchen living room is in a trend and is often applied in making the house feel better.

Scandinavian Kitchen Living Room
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Choosing a Scandinavian design in this room is the right idea. The white color in the kitchen living room makes the room look relieved. Natural lighting coming in through large windows gives the impression of warmth so the room will not feel stiff and cold. A little touch of black decoration in the kitchen living room makes a slightly eccentric look clearly balance the white color in this room.

Warm Ambiance Scandinavian Design Ideas

The combination of white and black colors brings a cool and elegant impression into the room. However, for those of you who want to bring warm ambiance into your room, white, gray, and beige can be a choice for Scandinavian style.

Warm shades can also be felt by the presence of wood elements in the room. The colors white and gray become a balance due to the presence of wood in this room.

Warm Scandinavian Living Room
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Attractive Scandinavian Dining Room with Large Painting and Long Pendant

Scandinavian style does look much simpler than other styles. To make this style look more attractive, some decorations can be applied to the Scandinavian-style room.

As we can see in the picture below, a Scandinavian-style dining room looks much more attractive and beautiful in the presence of large paintings with soft colors. Long pendant can also be used as a solution to eliminating the impression that is too simple in the room.

Scandinavian Dining Room
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Simple and Beautiful Can Be Seen Simultaneously from Scandinavian-style Bathroom

Scandinavian can not only be applied to the bedroom, living room, and dining room, but also in the bathroom. Instead, applying Scandinavian style to the bathroom is the right choice. The bathroom is the smallest room in the house so it is necessary to make it look relieved.

Simple patterned ceramics on one side of the bathroom make it look sweeter. Some small plants become the most fitting decoration to make Scandinavian-style bathrooms look fresher.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas
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