Small Loft Apartment Ideas That Will Inspire You

2222 – Lifestyle factors are often the main reason why apartments are very popular. In addition, the practical location and complete facilities offered to make this residence very advanced, especially in urban areas. Lots of interesting designs offered in apartment dwellings, such as loft apartments.

The loft apartment has a roof that is much higher than the usual apartments. And this is one of the things that makes apartments feel bigger and relieved so that the apartment will feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, the price of the loft apartment is more expensive. If you want to save your money, you can choose the small loft apartment.

For you who are interested in the small loft apartment, here we have provided Small Loft Apartment Ideas That Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

Stairs As A Cupboard

Small Loft Apartment Ideas
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Its small size makes us have to get around how to make this room look wider. One of them is to take the stairs to the loft as a cupboard. You can store clothes, shoes, bags, etc. so that the apartment will look neat and comfortable.

Some open cupboards can also be used as a place to put items that can beautify the appearance of the apartment, such as plants, books, etc.

Big Living Room and Minimalist Kitchen

Inspiration Loft Small Apartment
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More concerned with the living room than a kitchen is a right idea. A minimalist kitchen can be used as an alternative to making an apartment look bigger. The dominant living room makes us feel more comfortable in this small apartment.

The long sofa became the main item that took over the look of the apartment. Some pillows with bright colors are the right choice to make the apartment look attractive.

Utilizing under the stairs is also the thing that can make the apartment feel even more relieved. Placing the yellow chair makes it stand out even though it is under the stairs. The rug is also an additional item that helps to make this beautiful chair become dominant.

Industrial Small Loft Apartment

Industrial Small Loft Apartment
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Industrial design is one of the right designs to be applied to small loft apartments. The white exposed brick walls on both sides of the wall make the apartment look bright and also attractive. The pipes that are left exposed freely make the apartment look different.

A few touches of black in the apartment presents a cool, mature, masculine and soothing feel. The dominant white color taking over the look of the apartment makes this residence still look bright.

The bulkhead at the loft seems to be made to give privacy to the apartment. The combination of white and black looks harmonious on this loft barrier.

Elegant Look at Small Loft Apartment

Elegant Look at Small Loft Apartment
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The selection of minimalist furniture gives a simple impression into this room. However, the choice of colors in furniture, black and white, makes an elegant appearance present in this small residence.

The loft barrier made of glass makes it look luxurious but still looks simple. Plus recessed lighting fixtures selected as apartment lighting make the apartment look elegant, luxurious, and simple.

The presence of wood elements on the floor, kitchen, and also stairs provide warmth so the apartment will not look and feel stiff. The brown color on the wood also makes presenting a soothing natural feel in the small loft apartment.