String Light Decor Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Looks Good

1204 – As a place and has an important role, the bedroom must be made as beautiful as possible. Some people do prefer to let their bedrooms look normal, this is because they do not want a hassle or they may be too busy with work. In fact, decorating the bedroom to look beautiful can be done in a simple way, such as adding string light as a room decoration.

Indeed, your creativity is needed when using these simple items. There are a lot of decorations that you can apply to your bedroom using string light. So, for you who want to know, here we have provided String Light Decor Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Looks Good. So, let’s check it out!

String Light on The Bed Frame

beautiful bedroom with string light
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The bed has a great effect on the look and comfort of the bedroom. This is because the bed is the main item in this room. The choice of bed is the most important thing that must to be considered.

The bed frame with the tall poles becomes the mainstay of the people in creating a private room in their bedroom. This bed frame makes us feel like we are in a very comfortable cramped place. Mosquito net becomes an additional item in making the bed look more beautiful and comfortable. However, not only that. Providing attractive and beautiful lighting is also able to make your bed look attractive.

Giving the string light on the polish makes the bed look so beautiful. The warm light of this item presents a warm feel that can provide comfort to your bedroom.

Beautiful Cotton Clouds and Fireworks with String Light

beautiful cotton clouds as a bedroom decors
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  • Cotton Clouds with String Light

As previously stated, simple items can look beautiful and attractive if we pour our creativity. No need for difficult ways or items with other exorbitant prices. As in the picture above, cotton formed as clouds given a string light makes it look sweet.

Hang this beautiful decoration on the ceiling of your room. Before that, make sure you choose a past place to decorate. The corner of the room is a suitable place to place this stuff.

  • Fireworks Look with String Light Decor

The second is to create a beautiful firework display in the room. White canvas can be used as a medium for making string light look like fireworks.

You just need to prepare clear tape to attach the string light to Canva. The trick is to spin the string light up to form a beautiful little circle and then maintain its position by putting clear tape on the string light and canvas.

There are Branches in Front of The House? Let’s Make It Beautiful with String Light

string light bedroom decor with branches
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The front branch of the house is often regarded as rubbish and things that must be removed immediately so as not to damage the beauty of the house. In fact, with the creativity you have, branches can be a beautiful bedroom decoration.

Branches and string lights are the right combination to make your bedroom look attractive. And of course with a cheap budget. In addition, you also do not need complicated ways that will actually trouble you.

Here, you only need to wrap the string light around the tree branch and let the edges stick out. Then tie tree branches on the bedroom ceiling. When you turn on this stuff at night, the beauty of the bedroom will be seen perfectly.

String Light on The Wall

beautiful bedroom decor with string light
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Bedroom walls have a great effect on the look of this room. Therefore, the wall is the most media for decoration. The right decoration on the wall can make your personal space a beautiful place.

For those of you who don’t want to bother using wall decorations, such as photos, beautiful plates, statues, etc., you can use string light as an alternative way to fill empty bedroom walls.

Providing string light around the walls of the bed not only makes the bedroom look beautiful but also makes the bed a comfortable place. The beauty of this bed you can use to make it a beautiful photo angle to upload on your social media, like Instagram.

Pearl String Light Beautify The Bedroom Candles

soothing bedroom with aromatherapy candles
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To create peace in the bedroom, aromatherapy candles are often an option. Soothing fragrances are able to fill the air in the bedroom so that the bedroom becomes a comfortable place. In addition, the light on candles is also able to bring a warm feel into the bedroom so that the bedroom is the right place to release stress and fatigue.

If you have aromatherapy candles in your bedroom, you can make this an opportunity as a tool to beautify the look of your bedroom by using the string light. The pearl string light is the right choice to create the impression of simple luxury in the bedroom. The color given to pearl string light is also much softer so that it will not collide with the color that comes from the candle.

The color of the candles and the color of the string light like united provide warmth and comfort into your bedroom.

Fresh and Beautiful Bedroom by Combining The Vines and String Light

vines and string light as a perfect items to beautify the bedroom
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Give a touch of natural feel into the bedroom is able to make this room look fresh. The green color of plants is also believed to be able to ease the negative thoughts that exist in us.

Vines become one of the most fitting plants to be applied to the bedroom. You only need a blank wall that is ready to be decorated. The wall above the headboard is the most appropriate choice.

To maintain the cleanliness of the bedroom, it is strongly recommended to use synthetic vines. Using original vines can bring caterpillars or other insects into the bedroom which will actually make it very uncomfortable. In addition, the treatment of the original vines is also much more difficult and troublesome.

To make your bedroom look fresh and beautiful, combining vines and string light is the right way. Synthetic string lights and vines can be used in the same place. You only need to hang or wrap the string light on vines. And don’t forget to tape string light on the vines so that the position can last.