How to Keep the Bedroom To Stay Always Clean

500 – The bedroom is a private room and a place to rest after a tiring activity. Therefore it is very important to make the bedroom look attractive and comfortable. There are many things to make the bedroom feel attractive and comfortable, such as choosing the preferred interior design, using several displays to make the bedroom look sweet, using the right lighting, and much more. However, this will not work if the bedroom looks dirty.

Keeping your bed clean is the first thing you must pay attention to. The dirty bedroom will certainly affect your health, such as skin diseases and even diseases related to breathing. And of course, the bedroom becomes uncomfortable. In addition, a dirty bedroom can eliminate the attractive and beautiful appearance in the bedroom.

For you who want to take care of your health by keeping your bedroom clean. Here we will give you some tips about How to Keep the Bedroom To Stay Always Clean. So, let’s check it out!


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Even though our bedroom is tightly closed but still unable to withstand the dust coming in. The dust in the room is delicate and difficult to clean. So, use a vacuum to remove the dust. Try vacuuming the important things first, such as the floor, bed, rug, and sofa. To keep the bedroom clean, try to vacuum the bedroom once a week.

Use damp cloth

4 Try hydrogen peroxide. Pour a little hydrogen peroxide over the stained area. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for twenty-four hours. Lift the plastic wrap and wipe away the hydrogen peroxide with a damp cloth. Repeat if necessary.

To remove dust that is on the table or attached to some display items, you certainly cannot use a vacuum. So, you can use a feather duster to clean the dust. However, the disadvantage of feather duster is dust becomes flying in the air and of course this is not very good for health, especially those related to breathing.

So, the best and safest way to clean small items of fine dust is to use a wet cloth. This dust will stick directly to the surface of the cloth and will not fly in the air.

Mopping The Floor

Even with the best precautions, some dirt will get in, and once it does, the best remedy is a good mopping. Cleaning is an endless cycle, and floor care may be the most relentless, but a little vigilance goes a long way.

Removing dust alone is not enough to make the bedroom clean. There will always be stains on the floor. And if left unchecked the floor will be dirty and unsightly. So, mop the floor once every three days to keep the floor clean and free of sticky stains.

Organize the items

After the bedroom is free from dust and stains, the next step is to tidy up the scattered items in the room, such as books, glasses, and others. Leaving these items scattered makes the bedroom messy and uncomfortable.

In tidying up bedroom items, you can use a container to place these. Organize the items as neat as possible, such as books with books, lipstick with lipstick, etc.

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Get rid of unnecessary items

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One of our habits is to leave the items unnecessary in the room so the room looks messy and dirty. To keep the bedroom clean, try to get rid of the habit of storing unneeded items, such as boxes, tote bags, etc. You can store these unneeded items in one container and then put them in a warehouse.