Types of Plants That are Right to Use for the Bedroom


Roohome.com – Want to make your bedroom a relaxing place? Bringing the feel of nature into the bedroom is one way that you can apply. You can use some plants that are suitable for your bedroom. The green color of plants is believed to be able to eliminate negative thoughts and stress due to daily activities. In addition, with plants in the bedroom, the bedroom air will be fresh and certainly very healthy for the body.

In presenting the nuances of nature with plants, you also need to know what types of plants are suitable for use and placed in the bedroom. Not all types of plants you can use into the room. This is because there are some plants that cannot survive indoors so they will quickly rot.

It’s important to know what types of plants can be used. And here, we have provided Types of Plants That are Right to Use for the Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

1. Lavender

lavender for the bedroom
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Who does not want the scent of the bedroom to smell good? Of course, everyone really wants it. Using air freshener can indeed be used as a solution. However, using natural things will be much better.

Lavender is one of the right types of plants to use for the bedroom. Fresh fragrance in lavender makes your bedroom smell nice. In addition, the fragrance of lavender is also able to relax you so that the bedroom will be a relaxing place.

Not only for the scent of the bedroom, but the purple color of lavender can also be used as an alternative to beautify your bedroom. The natural purple color in lavender can sweeten your bedroom so the bedroom won’t look stiff.

Not only that, but lavender also has other efficacy. With lavender in your bedroom, none of the mosquitoes will enter your bedroom. In this way, you can sleep quietly and comfortably without worrying about being bitten by a mosquito.

2. Tongue-in-law

Tongue-in-law plant for the bedroom
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Tongue-in-law is the next crop that can be used in the bedroom. Sansevieria is a type of plant that is easy to find. In addition, the care of this plant is also not too troublesome. You only need to put it in a small or medium-sized pot and place it near the window.

The tongue-in-law is a plant that can make the air in your bedroom healthy and refreshing. This plant can release oxygen at night and absorb carbon dioxide. This plant can also absorb bad compounds in your bedroom, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Tongue-in-law plants become plants that can eliminate unpleasant odors in your room. With this, you don’t need to worry that your bedroom will have a stinky smell.

In addition, the tongue-in-law plant has a simple form so that many people are interested in using this plant in their bedroom. Its simple shape makes it look beautiful and attractive and certainly very fitting to be put in the bedroom.

3. Aloe Vera

beautiful bedroom with aloe vera
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This plant is the easiest plant to care for. In addition, this plant also does not need sunlight to grow so it is suitable for use in the bedroom. You only need to provide a pot filled with fertile soil and then plant aloe vera in it. With this, aloe vera can grow healthy.

The green color of the aloe vera plant looks fresh and beautiful. Very fitting to be used as a bedroom decoration. Green color can give the impression of nature into the bedroom and make it look beautiful. Just like the tongue-in-law plant, aloe vera also has a simple appearance. Easy maintenance and simple appearance make this plant a favorite crop of many people.

When discussing the efficacy, almost everyone knows the benefits of this plant: skincare for facial skin that is being breakout, pimpled, etc. In addition, aloe vera also has efficacy that is very good for hair. This plant is also often used as food, drinks, and medicine. In addition, putting aloe in the bedroom can help you cure insomnia and improve sleep.

How can?…

Aloe vera placed in the room can produce oxygen at night. In addition, this plant is also able to absorb chemicals that are spread in the air in your bedroom.

4. Valerian

soothing bedroom with valerian plants
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Maybe you are familiar with this plant. Valerian is a plant that has been proven to improve the brain system that controls your relaxation. By putting these plants in the bedroom, your bedroom will become a soothing and very comfortable place.

Not only that, but the roots of this plant also have important benefits. The roots of the valerian plant are the best herbs that can cure insomnia.

No need to be afraid in using this plant into the bedroom. This plant has proven its benefits. Even the valerian plant is one of the ingredients in making sedatives.

To look at the bedroom, valerian can make your bedroom look sweet. The color on valerian is also softer so it is very fitting to be used for the bedroom. To make this plant look more beautiful, choose a beautiful flower vase, and don’t forget to fill it with water before putting the flower into the vase.

5. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

peace lily for sweet bedroom
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This plant is one of the most popular plants. Its simple, beautiful, and elegant appearance makes Peace Lily a superior plant. You will get the green color and beautiful color of the flower from using this type of plant.

To make it look attractive, you can use a container for this plant. The more beautiful the container used, the appearance of this plant will be more beautiful. Don’t need a big container. A medium-sized container is enough to put this beautiful plant.

For the usefulness, certainly no doubt. If tongue-in-law is able to absorb two dangerous poisons in the bedroom, the peace lily is able to absorb five poisons at once, those are benzene, xylene, formalin, ammonia, and trichloroethylene.

In addition to beautifying the room and making the bedroom air healthy, the care of this plant is very inconvenient. You don’t need to put this plant near a window to be exposed to sunlight. Peace Lily is a plant that can thrive in a light lace so that it is suitable for use in the bedroom.