Activate Your Energy Every Day with Healthy Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamp


There’s always an active search for natural décor elements that deliver benefits exceeding beyond aesthetics. Homeowners crave for design elements having health benefits in addition to unique exterior beauty. That’s the reason, natural mood enhancers such as Himalayan salt lamps continue to gain popularity as it wholly satisfies the need for aesthetics and vividly promotes the idea of healthy living. Design enthusiasts love integrating salt lamps into the living spaces to uplift and boost energy levels and alleviate the mood during the rough patches of the day.

These natural lamps play a pivotal role in creating a peaceful and serene indoor environment encouraging productivity. Their unique appearance and design versatility allow these lamps to amalgamate with the contemporary design themes and make a resounding aesthetic impact. These lamps are used commonly in offices, help desks, kids’ rooms, and other living spaces to boost energy levels and air quality. There is no hard and fast rule for placing these decorative salt lamps and there are multiple unique ways to augment the aesthetic beauty and ambiance of the living space with the use of natural salt lamps.

What’s inside Himalayan Salt that gives health benefits as a lamp?

The real Himalayan lamps contain rock salt crystals having unique mineral compositions giving it a pulsating glow. Khewra salt mines located in Pakistan are the leading source of the colorful salt used in these decorative salt lamps. The distinctive veins present in the mountains of Himalayas give these lamps their natural glow and these lamps are widely available in the shades of pink, red, orange, and white.

However, their exceptional chemical characteristics have transformed these decorative lamps into a wellness product. These lamps are the natural producer of negative ions that have myriads of health benefits including cleansing and purifying air, balancing electromagnetic radiation, improving overall breathing, boosting blood flow, sharpening concentration, relieving stress, and elevating mood.

Lighting up these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps not only releases negative ions but also pulls the harmful particles such as toxins, allergens, and pollutants from the air. Our indoor spaces are heavily packed with thousands of ions both positive and negative. Air purifiers work by eliminating the harmful positive ions and replacing them with the beneficial negative ions. These negative ions make us feel more clear headed and refreshed that’s the reason why we feel more energetic and active in a room with a natural salt lamp.

Ideal places to Use a Salt Lamp for Getting Optimum Results

Placement of these natural salt lamps plays a key role in taking maximum advantage from its exceptional aesthetic and health benefits. Positioned at the right places, these lamps can revamp the entire outlook of the living space. Their unique aesthetic beauty captures the attention of the design lovers and it is best to place these lamps in visible and apparent places. Bedrooms, kids’ rooms, yoga rooms, gardens, help desks, offices, and living spaces all are the perfect places for placing these elegant salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lamps in Yoga Rooms

These natural lamps are perfect for exercise and yoga rooms as it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The emission of negative ions clears up the head and allows individuals to focus on exercise to achieve the ultimate peace of mind. The elevation of mood and concentration levels helps significantly during yoga and the warm attractive glow of the Himalayan salt lamp helps in creating a spa-like environment.

Natural Salt Lamps in Bedroom

The health benefits of natural salt lamps also include sleep improvement and its soothing glow makes it an ideal night light. These lamps also help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold and respiratory diseases such as asthma. They also play an essential role in calming the body and mind following the edginess of the day. Besides this, these lamps are beneficial for individuals suffering from insomnia and help create an ambiance promoting faster and calmer sleep.

Pink Salt Lamps in Offices and Help Desks

We spent long hours in offices and on our work stations and all these environments are home to a great number of positive ions. Hence, there is a dire need for natural mood enhancers and air purifiers such as the pink salt lamp that neutralizes the harmful effects created by pollutants roaming freely in the air. Help desks are another great place for using salt lamps as they help in improving blood flow and augmenting energy levels during the hectic working hours.

Elegant Salt Lamps in Garden

Himalayan salt lamps can be used in the garden and outdoor spaces during the night time as its natural amber glow shines brightest under the night sky. These lamps can be placed on the outdoor table tops and serve as an elegant focal point in an open and beautiful garden space.

Natural Salt Lamps in Baby’s Room

There is no reason why these lamps can’t be placed in the baby room in the right location and at the right height. As long as these lamps are away from the reach of the baby, there is no need to worry. In hindsight, using these lamps in the children’s room can help relieve the symptoms of the common cold, calm their mind, and improve their sleep.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Design and Styles

The natural rock salt lamps are available in multitudes of incredible design and pleasing styles made to augment the beauty standards of the living space. Besides the regular ball, cube, egg, pyramid, and diamond-shaped lamps, the crystallized salt particles can also be used in metal baskets to alleviate the beauty of the living space.

The unique design and styles of Himalayan salt lamps make them coherent with the ever-evolving design needs of the homeowners of today and tomorrow. Nowadays, besides the traditional candle salt lamps, USB-powered lamps are also gaining massive popularity due to its improved accessibility and better functionality. So, these lamps are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to improve energy levels without compromising on aesthetic beauty.