The Benefits You Will Get by Using A Large Mirror in The Bedroom

1677 – Mirror has become an additional item that is always present at every occupancy. This item is usually used for bedrooms as a makeup tool. At present, there are various forms of mirrors that we can choose, such as rectangles, rounds, ovals, etc. This diverse shape makes the mirror function no longer only as a makeup tool but also as a room decoration.

A large mirror is often the choice of many people because of the benefits that we can get. What are the benefits? So, here are the explanations.

Big Mirror for The Room
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1. Make The Room Look Bigger

Minimalist house is the most popular place for people. Simple impression and sweet appearance make this residence as a favorite residence. However, the rooms offered at this residence are also minimalist or small so the room will feel cramped and uncomfortable. But don’t worry, the narrow room you can make it look and feel more spacious.

Then, how?

The mirror can be an alternative item to make a minimalist or small room look and feel more spacious. By placing a large mirror on the sidewall of a room, the shadow of the room will be seen in the mirror so that the room looks more spacious. In this way, the small room will not cramped and will feel more comfortable.

2. The Room Will Look Simple and Elegant

In making the room look beautiful and not stiff, room decoration is needed. There are so many decorations that you can choose to beautify your room.

Choosing a wall as a medium to decorate is the right choice. The wall has a big effect on the appearance of a room. In addition, there are many variants of wall decorations so that the room does not look filled and not stiff. For those of you who want to create an elegant look in your room, choosing a large mirror as a wall decoration is a great solution.

Large mirrors in the room make the walls look full so you no longer need other wall decorations to decorate the room. With this, the room will look more simple. You can get an elegant impression by using a large mirror in your room.

3. The Room Looks Brighter

Light is needed to make the room feel alive. The brighter a room, the better the room’s appearance. In addition, a bright room brings a warm feel and makes the room feel more comfortable.

Increase the use of windows in the room to be a way that you can apply to your home so that the interior of the house looks naturally bright. However, using a window is not the only one that is able to make the room look bright. Mirrors are also an additional item that you can choose to make your room look brighter and feel more comfortable.

The light that enters the room reflects the surface of the mirror and this is what makes your room feel brighter by using a mirror. The bigger the mirror that is used, the more light that can be reflected.

4. Make The Bathroom Look Luxury

Luxury bathroom with big mirror
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In addition to the bedroom, the presence of a mirror is also often found in the bathroom. In addition to reflecting, a mirror in the bathroom has another function which is to make the bathroom look more spacious. The mirror in the bathroom also makes the bathroom look brighter. This is because of the lights in the bathroom bounce off the mirror.

The use of recessed lighting provides overall lighting in the bathroom. In addition, the reflection of the recessed lighting will be seen in the bathroom. With this, an expensive and luxurious appearance will be present in your small bathroom.

5. The Bedroom Look More Beautiful

It has become commonplace if the mirror is in the bedroom. As was said at the beginning that the mirror is used as a makeup tool.

The lending mirror is one type of mirror that is most appropriate for use in the bedroom. Placement of a mirror at the end of the bedroom makes this room look more spacious. In addition, the mirror can also be used as a medium to be decorated so that the bedroom looks more beautiful and sweet.

The string light is the most appropriate item to decorate a mirror. Warm light on the mirror frame makes the mirror look sweet and pretty. String light also makes the mirror look shining and makes one corner of the bedroom look beautiful and feel warmer.

6. Bring Positive Value

beautiful dining room with big mirror

The dining room is one room that can look beautiful by presenting a mirror on one of the walls of this room. By presenting the mirror into the dining room, this room will look more spacious and elegant. But, not only that. The presence of a large mirror on the dining room wall can also bring positive value to the occupants of the house. According to Feng Shui of China, a large mirror in a dining room is believed to bring good luck and wealth.

7. Bringing The Comfort to The Room

Mistakes in decorating the room can be fatal to the appearance of the room itself. Therefore, to anticipate this happening, before decorating the room, choose the right place for decoration.

For those of you who choose a mirror as an item to decorate a room, choose a wall that gets direct lighting. This is intended so that the lighting can bounce off the mirror perfectly and give a bright look to the room. With this, this room will feel much more comfortable.


There are many benefits in using a large mirror into the interior of a house. As explained in the points above, the mirror has a very important benefit to the interior appearance of your own home.

Try to choose a mirror that is the right size for the room. For mirror frames, choose frames that match the interior design of the room in order to give the appearance and value of beauty. So, have you determined the shape of the big mirror that fits your room?