Recognize The Signs of The Bathroom in Need of Renovation and Here Are The Solutions

478 – Although it is the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is a very important and frequently used room. Therefore, the appearance of the bathroom needs attention.

The bathroom that is often used will be prone to experience several problems. And of course, this cannot be left alone. The bathroom should still feel comfortable and look as attractive as possible.

Then, how?…

To improve your bathroom in terms of appearance, you can do renovations or refreshments in this small room. However, before that, you must know the signs of how the bathroom needs renovation. And here we have provided Signs of The Bathroom in Need of Renovation and Here Are The Solutions.

Damage to The Ceiling

The first thing to note is the upper side of the bathroom. The bathroom tends to damp and make the ceiling become damaged, especially the ceiling from plywood.

A broken ceiling will certainly make the bathroom look ugly. In addition, the ceiling can also collapse at any time and happen to you. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, right?

damage to ceiling

To anticipate unwanted things happening, you need to renovate your bathroom immediately. There are various kinds of ceiling that you can use and of course it will last longer than gypsum and plywood.

  • Marble Ceiling

marble ceiling for bathroom
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Marble is one of the ways to make a ceiling last a long time. By applying marble as a bathroom ceiling, you no longer need a bathroom renovation again.

In addition, the marble ceiling makes your bathroom look luxurious and elegant. Marble also looks glowing when exposed to sunlight or light so that the bathroom will look beautiful.

  • Teakwood Ceiling

teakwood ceiling to bring warmth to the bathroom
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Teak wood is a type of wood that can last longer than other woods. So that the teakwood is the right material to be used as a bathroom ceiling.

Making teak wood as a bathroom ceiling is able to bring warmth into the bathroom as a whole. In this way, the bathroom will be comfortable.

  • Concrete Ceiling

industrial bathroom with concrete ceiling
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If you want your bathroom ceiling to last a long time, concrete is the most suitable material to apply. Ceiling concrete is a characteristic of the industrial style that will bring cold and masculine nuances to your bathroom.

The Bathroom Already Looks Messy and Cannot Be Arranged

new item for bathroom renovating
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Even though the room is small, bathroom details must be considered carefully. Usually, in the bathroom, there are clothes hangers, bathroom cabinet, and mirrors. If your bathroom is old and used frequently, it is possible that these items will suffer damage, such as broken clothes hangers and bathroom cabinets, or dirty or cracked mirrors, and much more.

If things have happened like this, of course, the bathroom needs immediate renovation. You can replace a broken clothes hanger with new clothes hanger that is much more interesting. Also, add a new cabinet to your bathroom. However, if you want your bathroom to feel spacious, the bathroom cabinet can be replaced with a floating wall shelf to save space on the bathroom or ladder shelf that can be placed a lot of bathroom stuff.

The Bathroom Paint is Starting to Fade

Humid air does often make the paint in the room become damaged and faded. If this happens, of course the bathroom will be uncomfortable insight and become uncomfortable.

Bathroom renovation is needed to make the bathroom a comfortable and beautiful place. There are several materials that you can use for bathroom walls so that bathroom walls will look beautiful in the long run.

  • Ceramic Wall

ceramic wall for bathroom
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If the intensity of humidity in your bathroom is high, repainting the bathroom wall is the same as making the same mistake. Bathroom walls will easily fade and break back in a fast period of time. With this, ceramic walls can be used as an alternative so that the bathroom can look beautiful in the long run.

Sparkling ceramics makes the bathroom look bright so the bathroom will feel comfortable. The light on the ceramic surface is able to present a glossy look that makes the bathroom look beautiful and elegant.

The top part of the bathroom wallwall is painted, and half is given ceramic
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If the paint on the bathroom wears off due to frequent exposure to water, you can provide the bottom of the bathroom wall with ceramic tiles and a half up like a normal wall. In this way, your bathroom will look cute. You can also add some wall decorations to make this small room look attractive.

  • Marble Wall

Marble wall for bathroom
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If you want your bathroom walls to last a long time and the bathroom looks expensive, marble is an alternative you can use for bathroom walls.

Due to the high price of marble, you can choose the side of the wall that is broken. So, you don’t need to use marble for the entire bathroom wall. In this way, you can save more on your expenses.

  • Natural Stone

Natural stone for bathroom wall
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Bringing a natural sensation into the bathroom can indeed make the bathroom a fresh and comfortable place. So that the natural stone is the next material you can use for the bathroom. Applying natural stone on the bathroom wall can make the wall resistant for long periods of time.

The Bathroom Floor Was Broken

Furthermore, which can be damaged in the bathroom is the floor. The bathroom that has a long floor will be dirty and difficult to clean, there are even one or two cracked floors. If this happens, the sign is the bathroom must have been renovated.

In renovating the bathroom, of course you want a new look that will make your bathroom look more fresh and beautiful. Here are some types of material that you can use as a bathroom floor:

  • Vinyl Plank

Vinyl Plank for Bathroom
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Using ceramics for the bathroom floor will indeed feel slippery when exposed to water. To overcome this problem, vinyl plank is the right material for use as a bathroom floor. The color of wood on the vinyl plank can also bring a warm feel so the bathroom will feel comfortable.

  • Terrazo Flooring

Terrazo flooring for bathroom renovation
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Want to make the bathroom look attractive, bright, and cheerful? Bringing colorful floors into the most appropriate idea. Terrazo flooring is the most fitting thing to apply to the bathroom to make the bathroom look beautiful but still simple.

  • Concrete Flooring

concrete flooring for bathroom
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Having a simple, cold bathroom, but soothing is not impossible. Industrial style to be the most fitting style to be applied to the bathroom. With this, concrete floors become the type of floor that you can apply to the bathroom. In addition, concrete is a material that can last a long time and is much safer.