Modern Home Design Inspiration by Ando Studio That Will Stunning You

Modern white house design
© Ando Studio – Having a beautiful and comfortable dwelling is everybody’s dream. But everyone has different tastes. Some people may love the traditional design, and some may not. The modern home design below is combining the traditional and modern style in one package. It looks so fantastic and prestigious. Besides the awesome interior design, this home also completes by a beautiful swimming pool and garden. It really makes people blend with nature.

Home decorating ideas

Have you ever imagined nature is very close to you? This can be achieved by applying natural elements or provide it in your dwelling. You can make a home with an attractive garden concept and add some indoor plant to decorate your home interior. Why should we apply nature in our dwelling? Actually, human and nature can not be separated, human need it to make their life balance. Based on this statement, why do not we apply it in our residence? It will give the advantage for us, right?

Unique exterior design
© Ando Studio

Makes the whole room focused on a single point would be very impressive, is not it? This house applies its concept. You can see the whole room was fixed on the park and a beautiful swimming pool, including the bedroom. It means that it helps the owner to get closer to nature. So, they can relax and enjoy their spare time.

Luxurious home designs ideas
© Ando Studio
Exotic swimming pool design
© Ando Studio
Creative garden inspiration
© Ando Studio

Modern living room interior with luxury feel

The modern home design is possible to combine with the traditional style. It can complete each other. You can see the living room below. That applies the modern concept but still add some traditional style. All of them can work in harmony and produce the awesome result. The nature element also makes the atmosphere become more relaxing.

Modern living room style
© Ando Studio
Luxurious interior design
© Ando Studio

The modern kitchen design with indoor plant decoration looks so fascinating. It will give the fresh air while your cooking time. Sounds interesting, right? There is also an outdoor dining room that comfortable for meal time.

White kitchen design
© Ando Studio

Modern bedroom theme

You can choose the modern bedroom theme here. But, you are also possibles to add the other element for completing its theme. Brings the nature element for it, why not? It can make a room feel relax.

Elegant bedroom theme
© Ando Studio

How about These modern home designs inspirations? Is it interesting for you?