6 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen After Pest Control


While prevention is better than cure, being extra cautious is better than prevention. Most of you have come across the first part of the phrase. But have you come across the second part of the phrase? Well, while most homeowners put in place precautions towards cleanliness and safety, the trouble of a problem reappearing is inevitable. It is for this reason that being cautious becomes more beneficial than prevention.

In order to prevent double trouble in your kitchen, it is essential if you become extra cautious about the kitchen’s cleanliness going forward. Having a clean kitchen is inevitable if you need to prevent further pest attacks. Here are the top 6 tips to follow to maintain your kitchen after pest control.

Clean the Kitchen Utensils as Soon as Possible

One thing that frequently happens in most kitchens is the use of utensils and dishes. One minute the sink is delightfully empty, and the next minute it is overflowing with dirty dishes, pasta maker, juicers and other tools. It is a daunting task to wash the dishes often, but it is an unavoidable task that you’ve to do.

The food remains in the dirty dishes attracts pests such as cockroaches. While the dirty dishes act as a source of food, the water from the sink provides the pests with some water. As a result, the pests will most likely make their habitat somewhere around the sink, ruining all the pest control measures put in place.

Keep the Kitchen Crumb-free and Dry

Since water is life, having a moist and humid kitchen is very appealing for the pests. The same way a river or dam gets a lot of animal traffic, any part of your kitchen that has still water will undoubtedly attract a lot of pest traffic. When you leave the water to stay still for a prolonged period, it will attract all types of pests such as rodents and insects.

Thus, always ensure that you mop up or wipe any spilt water and make sure that the kitchen is dry at all times. In addition, it is essential to wipe down the kitchen table and countertops to remove any crumbs around. Without a doubt, the food scent attracts pests, and you definitely do not like such a scenario.

Consider Air-tight Storage

Regardless of the type of food that you store in your kitchen, it would be wise to store it safely in air-tight packaging. Often, most people store their cereal in the same cardboard box it comes packaged in, which to some extent is indeed bad since rodents can chew it and get access to what’s inside.

What this means is that, if there is any food lying around in cardboard or paper packaging, you’re certainly attracting pests. However, you can prevent such a scenario by storing all the food in air-tight packaging containers to make it hard for pests to get entry.

Cover the Trash Cans and Dispose of them Often

Most homeowners store the uncovered trash bins in closed cabinets thinking that there will be no pest infestation. Nonetheless, the isolation and darkness only attract pests, and thus you will not have the capability to limit pest invasion. The proven way to avoid pest getting into the trash cans is to place a lid on the bins.

Make sure that the bins have a lid to prevent the scent coming from the trash from luring the rats and cockroaches. Besides, it would be wise to dispose of the garbage regularly. Since most kitchen waste decomposes fast and it’s organic, it would be wise to empty it as soon as possible.

Only Eat Meals at the Table

While we prepare and store food in the kitchen, it is common for people to eat all through the house. Well, snacking food outside the kitchen spreads crumbs throughout your home. It is quite challenging to keep the bits away inside the kitchen, and spreading the mess all through the residence makes it quite challenging to clean. The presence of the crumbs in your home attracts the pests and keeps them coming back. Eating from the table limits the spread of food messes and reduces the risk of pest invasion throughout the house.

Consider a Regular Kitchen Cleaning

The fact that pests have a mechanism of surviving in the worst conditions makes it difficult to eliminate them. Nevertheless, if you come across these creatures in your kitchen after controlling the pests, just get in touch with Excel Pest Services. We will assist you with a thorough kitchen cleaning. In the deep clean-up process, the top shelves, under the sink, behind the cupboards, inside the cabinets, behind the dishwasher, and all places in the kitchen which you may find it hard cleaning will all be cleaned and fumigated.