Right Decorations to Sweeten The Look of A Monochrome Bedroom


Roohome.com – Want to have a bedroom with a simple but attractive look? The monochrome design is the most fitting to be applied to the bedroom. Bright white and dark black make the bedroom look so harmonious.

In a monochrome style bedroom, black is indeed just right to make the bedroom look so attractive. Although minimal decoration, you do not need to fear the bedroom will look stiff.

Although the appearance of the monochrome style itself is minimalist and simple, it does not mean you cannot use a variety of room decorations that will make the bedroom look attractive. In choosing decorations for monochrome rooms, they are not perfunctory. And here, we have provided Right Decorations to Sweeten The Look of A Monochrome Bedroom that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Ceiling Bedroom Decors

To minimize the possibility of mistakes, appropriate plans are needed. The plans must be arranged neatly and in order. Likewise in decorating the room. When you want to decorate a bedroom, you can start from the top, which is the ceiling.

monochrome bedroom ceiling decoration
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For the ceiling, there are several kinds of decorations that you can use to make a monochrome bedroom look so attractive.

  • Ceiling Fan Lamp

black ceiling fan lamp
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Lights become the items most needed to make the room look bright even in the dark. However, the function of the lamp itself is not only to illuminate but also can be used as a room decoration.

Choosing a ceiling lamp fan for the bedroom is the right choice. This one item has two functions at once, those are to light up and to make the bedroom feel cool. In this way, the bedroom will be a comfortable place to relax.

And for monochrome-style bedrooms, of course ceiling lamps must be black. The white ceiling should be made slightly striking with a touch of black. Therefore, the black ceiling lamp is the most suitable choice.

  • Star Ceiling

LED starry night sky projector lamps
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The monochrome ceiling in the bedroom does not matter if painted in black. With this, the ceiling will look so striking and sharp. Apart from that, you can also be creative with this. The black ceiling will look so dark like clouds at night. Bringing a star or moon to the ceiling makes it look beautiful.

3D glow-in-the-dark star becomes an item that can be used to decorate the ceiling. However, if you want the ceiling to still look plain during the day, there are currently LED starry night sky projector lamps where using this item is simpler. You can turn on it at night when you want to sleep. With this, your sleep will feel so good.

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures

recessed lighting fixtures
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Black and white appearance in a monochrome bedroom does look so simple but sharp. With this, presenting an elegant look in a monochrome bedroom is very easy. By using Recessed Lighting Fixtures as lighting bedrooms, monochrome bedrooms will look simple and elegant. Warm lighting produced by recessed lighting fixtures will give a warm feel to a monochrome bedroom.

In addition, by using recessed lighting fixtures, the bedroom will be evenly lit so that the black color on the walls will look sparkling and create the look of the luxury present in a monochrome bedroom.

Wall Monochrome Bedroom Decors

Unlike the ceiling, the wall has a lot of decorations that can be used. This is because the wall is the most fitting media to be given decoration. The walls have a big influence on the appearance of the bedroom so that decorating the walls is very important.

Here are the wall decorations that fit to be applied to monochrome bedrooms.

  • Country Map Wall Painting

wall map painting
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Loving one’s own country is indeed a very good thing. And also you can use this as an idea to make a monochrome bedroom look attractive. You can apply for an island from your country onto the bedroom wall.

No need to draw the island on the entire bedroom wall. Choose one side of the wall you want to decorate. For color, on a white wall, you can use black paint to draw an island. Vice versa, on a black wall, you can use white paint to draw an island.

  • Gallery Wall

Monochrome bedroom gallery wall
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For those of you who like photography, it’s great to showcase your work. You can choose photos and give a B&W effect to your photo results. Then photos can be printed and used as beautiful wall decorations.

To emphasize the monochrome look in the bedroom B&W gallery wall is the most appropriate to apply. Choose the white side of the wall to be used as a media to display your photos.

Use the black frame for the photos will add beauty value to the wall so that the monochrome bedroom will be striking and beautiful.

  • Accent Wall

wall accent for monochrome bedroom
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Avoid using various kinds of wall displays? Applying a wall accent is the solution. To make a monochrome bedroom wall look beautiful without display, choose black as the base color of the walls of this room.

There are some wall accents that can be applied for the bedroom:

  1. Panel Wall
  2. Wooden Wall
  3. Moulding Accent Wall
  4. Herringbone Accent Wall

The four-wall accents above have the same function which is to give an appearance to the wall so that the wall can look crowded or beautiful without any wall display. And for those of you who like a simple look, wall accents are the only solution you can apply to your monochrome bedroom.

Floor Bedroom Decors

black rug for monochrome bedroom
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Although the position is below, it does not mean the floor is left behind. For monochrome bedrooms that look a little sweeter, rug or carpet is the only floor decoration that can be used. You can choose a rug or carpet of any type, such as:

  • Nylon Carpet
  • Polypropylene Carpet
  • Silk Carpet
  • Sisal Carpet
  • Wool Carpet
  • Viscose Carpet

For color selection, of course only black and white can be used. To produce a bright display, white is an option. And for those of you who like dark, cold shades, black is the right choice.