Bringing The Mature Look to The Apartment with Industrial Design

1821 – An increasingly modern lifestyle is not only felt through fashion but also in a place to live. At present, many houses have been replaced by apartments. Complete facilities and strategic location make the apartment the most desirable place to live. However, behind all these advantages, of course, the apartment has shortcomings. Being in the building makes the apartment feel stuffy. Not infrequently, the wrong decoration and design selection makes this place uncomfortable.

Today, the industrial style is one of the most popular styles, especially by teenagers. Cold nuance and mature appearance make it look so special. In addition, so many benefits can be felt by applying industrial style making it the most desirable design.

If the industrial style is usually applied as interior design for a restaurant or cafe, currently, industrial design is used as interior design for residences, and one of them is an apartment.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your apartment look attractive and feel comfortable by Bringing The Mature Look to The Apartment with Industrial Design.

Monochrome Industrial Apartment

To make the apartment look attractive, of course decoration is one alternative you can take. However, some people prefer not to use room decorations so that the room looks simple. With this, presenting a monochrome style is the only way to make the interior of the apartment look simple but still look attractive and not stiff.

  • Application of White

industrial apartment with monochrome style
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The monochrome style is identical to black and white. Dark black and bright white can bring a harmonious look and make the interior apartment look more attractive and striking.

For those of you who prefer bright appearance, the application of white can be applied more to the interior of the apartment, such as to sofas, carpets, and some wall spots.

The industrial design looks stand out than the monochrome style by the presence of the exposed brick wall on one side of the room. The brick wall-painted white make it look obviously plus an additional LED TV on the brick wall as if to make it look more prominent and make it as a visual destination.

  • Application of Black

monochrome kitchen industrial design
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The black color does look more elegant and shiny. The application of black on one side of the industrial room makes it look more striking. With this, the look of the apartment looks much more modern.

The elements used in industrial design are iron and aluminum. Black pendant made from iron or aluminum emphasizes the industrial look in the apartment. So that the monochrome style and the industrial design look harmonious and make the interior of the apartment look much more attractive.

Dark brown chairs present in the industrial monochrome style kitchen make this room look a little sweeter and softer.

concrete ceiling
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You need not hesitate in presenting the monochrome style in industrial design. Fear of industrial design being replaced with monochrome can certainly be avoided by applying more industrial characteristics to the room, such as concrete ceilings, exposed brick walls, and concrete floors. Some pipes exposed to the ceiling also help emphasize the industrial look.

Fresh Industrial Apartment

The industrial style does not always have to appear dark and cold. As in the picture below, the industrial style comes with a bright and fresh look. Warm nuances can be felt clearly. In addition, the mature appearance also makes the interior of this apartment look so attractive.

fresh industrial apartment
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There are several stages in making an industrial-style apartment look fresh and attractive. Here are the explanations.

  • Soothing Natural Green Color

soothing industrial apartment
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Natural nuances are indeed the only thing that can make Didi relax and calm. The presence of natural elements as an apartment decoration can make an apartment the most comfortable and soothing.

Several small plants at each spot in the room give a whole fresh look to the apartment. The use of good potted plants can also add value to the beauty of the apartment itself.

  • Bright Display with White As A Base Color

fresh and bright industrial apartment
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In industrial design, the colors used are neutral colors such as white, black, brown, and gray. In an industrial apartment with a bright appearance, white is the only color that can be used as the basic color of a room.

Exposed brick walls painted in white make the interior of the apartment look brighter and more spacious. Plaster brick walls on some parts of the wall make it feel more alive and more interesting.

Some exposed pipes which are colored white are also able to look softer. Industrial impressions with bright nuances can be seen very clearly.

  • Wood element

wood element in industrial apartment design
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Industrial style does use natural elements such as aluminum, iron, concrete, brick, and wood. The application of the dominant wood element is able to make the industrial apartment look brighter than using the concrete. If the industrial style is usually more impressed to look cool, but with the dominant wood elements, the look will be warm and more comfortable.

  • Over Lighting

bright industrial apartment
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When wanting an apartment with a bright display, of course lighting must be adequate. The use of natural lighting is the most appropriate way to make industrial styles look more attractive and more lively. With this, the use of large windows is very important. Removing the decoration on the window can make the lighting enter the apartment freely.

Modern Industrial Apartment Design

Modern sentences are indeed more inclined to contemporary things. However, in interior design, modern means that the appearance of the interior itself is more simple, clean, and practical.

modern industrial design
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Although the industrial style has been around for a long time, this style can be made to look modern and elegant. So that the apartment will look more attractive and simple.

  • Kitchen Living Room Open Plan

kitchen living room open plan
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Combining two room functions in one room can make the apartment feel more spacious, such as an open plan kitchen living room.

Concrete pillars and ceilings make the industrial style look more stand out. In addition, the use of black chairs and black iron lamps also presents a jet and striking industrial look.

The use of different floor colors in the kitchen and living room gives the illusion that this room is separate and has different functions.

  • Modern Industrial Bathroom

modern industrial bathroom design
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Despite being the smallest room in the apartment, the appearance of the bathroom certainly needs attention too. Industrial design in the bathroom features a simple, sharp look. With this, you no longer need decoration to enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

Large glass with a round shape makes it look striking, the addition of lighting behind the glass makes the glass look so attractive. A little soft appearance can also be felt from the presence of wood elements that are present as a table in the bathroom.

For lighting, hanging bulb lights hanging near a mirror make an industrial-style bathroom look brighter. The reflection of light on the mirror makes the bedroom look elegant. The lack of furniture and the absence of wall displays give a perfect modern look