Attractive Touches of Monochrome Style for Simple Bedrooms

1078 – Want to have an attractive bedroom with a cool feel? If so, you can choose a monochrome theme for your bedroom. Monochrome themes can make a room feel more alive even though the room is small. Therefore, to make your small bedroom comfortable and attractive, applying a monochrome theme is the most appropriate idea.

In a monochrome bedroom, you don’t need to think about other colors to make the bedroom look beautiful. Black and white are enough to make your simple bedroom so attractive. Black is more likely to look striking, sharp, and soothing. While the white color balances the dark black so the bedroom will not look dark and feels cramped.

If you are interested in it, before applying the monochrome style to the interior bedroom, you should have the references first to avoid some mistakes happened. And here we have provided the Attractive Touches of Monochrome Style for Simple Bedrooms that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

All Go Black – Modern Bedroom

Making black more dominant does require special courage. This is because black is a very bold and dark color. By making black the basic color of the bedroom, the bedroom will look so quirky. However, don’t worry. If there is sufficient lighting, the black color in the bedroom will look sparkling so the monochrome bedroom will be elegant.

monochrome bedroom with black color dominant
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  • Application of black

To make the dominant black color, you can apply this to your floor, walls, and bedroom. With this bedroom already looks so striking without the need to be given decorations as room decoration again.

By making the black as dominant, the appearance that presents in the bedroom is more striking and elegant. So that this is great for a simple bedroom.

And to make the simple monochrome bedroom look modern, choose the furniture that has a simple shape.

modern and elegant monochrome bedroom
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  • Application of White

To sweeten the bedroom nuances of black, white is the most appropriate color.

In the bedroom, the bed becomes the main item. Therefore, we need to make it look more striking than others. By choosing a white bed sheet and pillowcases the bed will look brighter and stand out more.

Indeed the monochrome bedroom does not need the decoration. But, sometimes we want a sweet appearance so that using the painting is a great idea. The painting that has white and black color will make the monochrome bedroom look more attractive and modern.

monochrome bedroom design with white bedding
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  • Lamp Bedroom Selection

Lighting is very necessary for the room, including the bedroom. In addition to making the bedroom look bright, the function of the lights themselves can be used as bedroom decorations plus give you the feel or look of the bedroom you want.

The pendant lamp with gold color becomes a lamp that can be chosen to make the simple monochrome bedroom look modern and elegant. The warm lighting produced by the lamp also brings the warm nuance to the monochrome bedroom so the room will be comfortable.

black furniture for monochrome bedroom
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Bright Monochrome Bedroom Look

The monochrome design does not always look dark. The dark appearance in the bedroom depends on the black color used. Some people do prefer to look bright bedroom. Because for them a bright bedroom can create a good mood and feel more spacious so that the bedroom becomes a comfortable room.

bright monochrome bedroom
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  • Application of White

In creating a bright bedroom, making the dominant white color the only solution. The white color you can make as the basic color of the bedroom. Apply white to the entire bedroom wall. You can also use white for several bedroom items to make it look harmonious and brighter.

A simple bedroom with a bright appearance does look sweeter. Coupled with natural lighting that is used to illuminate the bedroom then the feel of the bedroom will be warm and comfortable.

bright monochrome bedroom look
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  • Application of Black

In presenting the look of monochrome into the bedroom, of course black is the color of the patent that must be used. To create a monochrome bedroom with a bright appearance, you can apply a little black color to the bedroom, such as the headboard or bed frame, lights, wall displays, blankets, and white rug with black motif.

beautiful monochrome bedroom ideas
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Rustic Monochrome Bedroom

Who says the monochrome design is only for contemporary bedrooms? As shown in the image below, monochrome is very beautiful for a simple Rustic style bedroom. The bright appearance and natural feel of the rustic style plus the black and white look of the monochrome make it look so attractive.

comfortable rustic monochrome bedroom
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  • Application of White

Rustic design is one design that can bring the feel of nature into the room. This design is very fitting to be applied to a simple bedroom. The bright appearance and natural feel in the bedroom makes this room so soothing.

Natural nuances are more inclined with a bright display using natural lighting. With this, the window is needed in the bedroom. In addition, white color is very important for rustic bedrooms. With this, you can make white the basic color of the bedroom. Sunlight coming into the room will bounce off the walls so this room looks brighter.

Some bedroom decor and white furniture also make this room look sweet and soft.

bright rustic monochrome bedroom decor
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  • Application of Black

Although a rustic-style room should look bright, it doesn’t mean you can’t use black. With a few touches of black in the bedroom such as tables, mirror frames, paintings, photos frames, and carpet or bedroom rug will look more striking and attractive. In addition, with the black color, you no longer need to use a variety of room decorations because by only applying black, the bedroom already looks good. In this way, the rustic monochrome bedroom will present a simple, sharp, and bright look.

monochrome look at rustic bedroom
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  • Use of Wood

In the Rustic style of course wood is the main element used. Usually in the Rustic style wood is used on tables, benches, and bed frames. However, in rustic bedroom monochrome, the use of wood can be applied to only a few parts of the bedroom such as floors, ceilings, benches, and bed frames. For the bed, you can use white bedding and black blankets to bring the monochrome look, and so do the other items. The ratio of the use of wood and some monochrome decorations must be balanced.

The wood furniture is no need more if you have used the wood for the ceiling and floor of the bedroom.

monochrome rustic bedroom design
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