Have a Stylish Bathroom Basin Installed


The overall aesthetic of a bathroom is as important as any other part of a building or your home. Giving an entire bathroom some beauty will bring you a long way, so you have to pay attention to every detail you add to it. Careful planning and a good talk with a professional bathroom designer can ensure exceptional results in no time.

A good area where you can start planning is the bathroom washbasins that you install. You have most likely seen basins fixed to the wall and it can get boring to look at already. So instead of installing the conventional wall hung basin, you should consider having a freestanding basin installed.

How Freestanding Basins Improve Bathroom Aesthetics

When using the bathroom, a person is always going to wash their hands right after doing their business. But only a few will be able to walk out impressed at how the bathroom looks, especially with the type of basin you have. It’s one of the essential parts of a bathroom, and it can be overlooked at times.

Most bathrooms that you’ve been in always had a wall-mounted basin and faucet, and you can see the exposed water pipes below. It isn’t aesthetically appealing, and that is why a person seldom gets amazed at a bathroom basin. A freestanding basin will make any visitor take a second look and be enamoured at how simple and elegant it is.

A good advantage with freestanding basins is the basin doesn’t have open areas that need sealing. Caulk is usually used to seal open cracks or crevices to prevent water from seeping and damaging the area around the basin. Over time, the caulk will wear out, leaving residue, and you have no choice but to re-caulk it all over again.

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

It may sound crazy to you, but a freestanding basin creates the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. It’s able to achieve that because of how it’s designed. There are different kinds of designs for freestanding basins that have a thinner base.

Removing the exposed pipes will not only make the bathroom look less cramped, but it will also keep the entire area clean. Water pipes coming out of the wall is never a magnificent sight to see and is also the reason why cabinets are created to conceal them.

A Great Investment For Your Home

Although buying freestanding basins can be relatively expensive, it can last with you forever compared to fixed wall basins. Fixed wall basins usually need to be caulk-sealed first to prevent any water from penetrating cabinets if you have one installed.

How about if you have plans on selling your house in the future? Having freestanding basins installed assures you that the selling price of the home is going to increase significantly. These are tough and do not break easily compared to wherein the ones you cannot lean on too much.

Since you have a freestanding basin already installed, you won’t have to fret about calling in plumbers every month to fix it. So if you’re having a hard time deciding what to invest for your house, you should focus on what you should do to your bathroom and what type of basin you would want in it.