6 Boiler Replacement Mistakes Which Almost Everyone Do


Steam boilers are very common nowadays. Many people are looking forward to install and replace boilers. We will discuss the most common 6 boiler replacement mistakes that a lot of people make but many do not know about these.

Let us have a look:

Feed Of Boiler:

The contemporary steam boilers need boiler feed whereas, the boilers used a decade ago need condensation tank. Condensation is a way to collect all the liquid after condensing it.

The condensation boiler is not large. They use a pump that is attached to them and it keeps on giving water to the boiler even when it is not required. This method used to work with those boilers, but it is not applicable anymore.

If this system is practiced now, then it will result in a huge thermic shock, because cold water will come in the hot boiler.

What Is The Solution To This Issue?

The solution is that the boiler feed tank’s size should be measured depending on the time it requires to create steam.

Fluctuation Joint:

This is also known as a swing joint. The boilers that are made out of iron need a fluctuation or a swing joint. It is crucial to get them attached. If you do not attach them, then steam will start to get off the boiler, and it will spread everywhere in the surroundings.

Even if you attach a round elastomer seals at every joint unit then steam will still escape, and the gaskets will drape down.

A swing or a fluctuation joint is an additional bearing that is needed to neutralize the variation in the expanding frequency among the pipes and the steam boiler itself!

Too Much Spillage:

There is a very common problem that the lag boiler in a commercial steam boiler always finds a way to submerge. Sometimes, there is so much overflow that the steam boiler does not even function anymore.

What Is The Solution To This Problem?

To solve this issue, all you have to do is to install a high-level spill. A high-level spill is a bearing that is attached to all the boilers. It will ensure to keep the water at a controlled level.

Trap Enclosure For Vapor:

Have you ever wondered what is the duration of the float bearing inside the steam enclosure? It is only 1.5 years. Many people do not know this fact and they never ever replace those. They think installing it is just a one-time thing!

It is important to change the traps every year!

Treating The Boiler With Chemicals:

As you already know that you need to treat the boiler with chemicals frequently. However, there are certain types of chemicals that need to be tapped in the pipe of the boiler.

So it is always a smart move to confirm with your chemical producer before.

Installation Of A Meter For Water:

It is important to install a meter to keep a watch over the water. This way it will be easier for businesses to maintain control.