Can I do the End of the Tenancy Cleaning Myself?


Rental properties should be thoroughly cleaned before the tenants move out. Many tenants choose to do end of tenancy clean on their own. But this takes a lot of work to get a bond deposit in full amount. It is because unprofessional cleaning can lead to damage or loss. The wise decision is to hire the team of end of tenancy cleaning tooting for cleaning the rental property.

Professional cleaners will clean the full home within a few hours. They also help you to get bond money in full from the landlords. But if you still want to clean your home on your own, you can take some helpful tips from this blog.

Useful Tips for a Good End of Lease Cleaning

The tips of professional cleaners will help you to clean the full home within a short time. They are as follows:

1. Clean Windows and Doors

The tenancy agreement needs the proper cleaning of windows from inside and outside. You must clean the glass of the windows with the window cleaner to remove dirt. If there is crack or damage in the glass of the window, you should get it repaired.

2. Cleaning of Kitchen Tools

The next thing you must do is clean the cupboards, drawers, and cabinets of the kitchen. You can use microfiber to remove dirt and grease that accumulate on the cupboards. Apart from that, you must clean the range hood, chimneys, exhaust fans, microwave, and other kitchen appliances.

3. Cleaning of Bathroom

Continuous use of taps causes limescale. You can get a good quality limescale remover neat to remove limescale from the tiles and taps. Using these products will make your taps shiny and clean. Besides, you should clean toilet seats with disinfectants.

4. Cleaning of Upholstery

Sofa covers, doormats, and carpets get dirty due to daily use. You can use high-quality soap to wash doormats and carpets and curtains.

5. Wash the Floors and Walls

The tenancy agreement includes the washing of floors and walls. You must use premium quality floor cleaners for gaining shiny floors.

6. Cleaning of Fans and Blinds

Dirt gets accumulated on the fans and blinds. You should clean blinds regularly with a wet cloth or lightweight fiber.

7. Cleaning of Refrigerator

If the rental property has a fridge, you must clean it and defrost the freezer. You should also clean the freezer and remove dirt.