Understanding the Difference of a Package Unit from Other HVAC Systems


Air conditioning systems work by circulating refrigerants from the compressor through the coils of your HVAC system. It is the basic principle guiding your heating and cooling system at home. Though HVAC units have the same purpose of heating and cooling your inside space, they come in a variety of models to fit your home setting. Typically, most homes are outfitted with a split system while others opt for a mini-split system.

A package unit, however, is one of the ideal types of HVAC, allowing you to save room because the main unit is normally placed outside your home. A package unit is also much more effective at capturing outside air and transporting it in your home to make the environment cozier.

A Package Unit Lets You Save Indoor Space

If you have confined spaces at home, the best alternative to having a rigid HVAC system is getting a package unit. This type of HVAC system is ideal if you have limited spaces because of its versatility in terms of installation.

Aside from an unused backyard space, you can have the packaged system installed on the roof. Most commercial buildings have ample flat roof space which is an ideal location for a packaged unit.

Other forms of HVAC are not only space-consuming, but they can be a little invading because walls need to be bored through to make room for the air conditioner. With a packaged system, you only need to have an air duct where controlled air can travel through. A package unit is, therefore, non-invasive and can be set up more easily.

Remove Inside Noises Coming from Your HVAC Unit

One of the most annoying things you will experience from a split type system is the humming sounds that get louder over time. Because the main motor of a package unit is located outside outdoors, it does not have the same noise level.

The only sound you would hear from this type of air conditioner is air coming in from the ductwork. However, it is not as annoying or overbearing compared to other forms of an HVAC system.

It means you get a peaceful environment yet gain a comfortable temperature level to your liking. The only problems you would encounter with this type of setup are strange banging or screeching sounds, which are often caused by ductwork problems.

Package Units are Easier to Clean and Maintain

Unlike the split-type AC system, which is partly located indoors, packaged units are entirely outside. And when it comes to maintenance, the latter always gets the upper hand. Professional technicians do not have to climb up ladders to remove the entire unit because it is already situated outside.

Its accessibility for clean-ups and maintenance proves vital, considering that it would not take the same amount of time as split-type units. However, one thing to consider with a package unit is its location. Roof installations would always require more time than one which is located on the ground.

The Takeaway

Packaged units are not just permanent appliances installed in homes and commercial spaces. If you have a social event – a company gathering, weddings, or any occasion, ensuring a comfortable environment is always a must. There are renal package units to suit your needs and are a great addition to keep your guests comfortable.

This type of heating and cooling system is also a great addition to warehouses, industrial sites, or any emergency response situation requiring the people involved to have a convenient ambience.